“I Feel Great Physically and Mentally After Boot Camp in Campbell”

Let me begin by saying my life has changed in a positive way. Since I started this amazing boot camp, I feel great physically and mentally. The trainers are fabulous and keep me motivated. You get great workout classes and receive newsletters with great information. I always leave camp feeling rejuvenated and wanting more! I recommend this camp to anyone who is tired of the same old gym routine. I enjoy being outdoors at the summer boot camp in Campbell and working out with fun people. We all have choices in life… Make it a healthy one!

Nelia L., San Jose

“I’ve Lost 3% Body Fat in 4 Weeks at the Almaden boot camp!”

I joined the Almaden lifeSport boot camp because I needed to get back into a routine and I was feeling very tired and out of energy. After four weeks of boot camp I have more energy, I’m happier and in a better mood! I feel stronger and the shoulder /neck pain I used to have has decreased. Although my weight hasn’t changed, I’ve lost 3% body fat in 4 weeks! It’s such a fun class that you don’t even realize how fast the 50 minutes goes by.

J.D., Almaden Valley

“lifeSport Fitness Is THE Best!”

I am on my third month at lifeSport Fitness and I feel great! I am seeing great results and it is a lot of fun! Not only is Becky passionate about exercising and nutrition, she is positive and encouraging to make sure your workout is the best it can be. I am not a fan of running and what I enjoy the most out of Becky’s workouts is the cardio/strength circuit where you work out really hard doing cardio followed by active recovery during strength training. It is a great work out! I have joined boot camps in the past and by far lifeSport Fitness is the best!

Renee Beech, San Jose

“Boot Camp in Los Gatos Motivates Me to Work Out Harder”

I was scared because of the name “Boot Camp”, but as soon as I met Becky and the other members, I felt at ease! I love the exercises and always feel so rejuvenated. I appreciate that everyone can work at their own level, but we are all together and feel the motivation in the room. Becky is very positive and has a lot of energy…it’s infectious! The workouts vary, so I never get bored. Becky’s knowledge and presence helps me to become more healthy, but also distracts me and motivates me to work harder! I find I have not only lost weight, but gained muscle and improved stamina! I sleep better at night and feel rested in the morning! I love boot camp and wish I could go more often.

Amber R., Los Gatos

“I Feel SO Much Better After a lifeSport Fitness Boot Camp Class”

I love lifesport fitness boot camp because I feel so much better after a boot camp class than I do after a workout at the gym. I like how the instructor gives everyone 1-on-1 instruction. The small group atmosphere makes it more motivating and fun than working out alone. I am overweight and hate to work out, but somehow the instructors manage to make the workouts fun and they keep us moving the entire time. Last Halloween, we even did a whole workout using pumpkins! I have been attending lifeSport Fitness boot camps for awhile now and the results I’m seeing are that my energy level is better and my muscles are toning up. I have been to other boot camps in San Jose and feel that LifeSport Fitness offer the best boot camp workouts around. Plus, they give you that feeling of caring about you as an individual.

Isabelle Z., San Jose

“I Was Amazed at How FUN the Campbell Boot Camp Was”

Let me just say Becky is a fantastic trainer, and fitness bootcamp instructor! I started working with Becky as my personal trainer in San Jose in Aug 2007, as I was seriously struggling to lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle. She worked with me to develop a fitness plan, and teach me food goals that I still incorporate into my life today. Each personal training session kicked my butt, but it was so worth it, as my body became more toned as time grew on, and I learned how to work out correctly on my own, and eat better. Can you believe that Becky got me to eat fruits, and vegetables!? Her fitness knowledge is one of a kind, and I am truly greatful for the knowledge she has instilled in me. In July 2008, I joined her afterwork fitness bootcamp, and I was amazed at how much fun this was to work out with other like minded people, and how she still was able to give us individual attention to our fitness needs/goals. I always looked forward to going to bootcamp, because I know how good I was going to feel afterwards from the butt kicking routine. (Don’t be scared folks, it is really good!) 🙂 I look forward to attending more of Becky’s bootcamps in the future, and I think you should take the time to invest yourself in them as well-you won’t regret it!

Brittany C., San Jose

“The Los Gatos boot camp was my ‘Bridal Boot Camp’ “

I am very pleased with Becky at LifeSport Fitness! I recommend that you try her Boot Camp. I was not one that was comfortable doing any kind of fitness routine in front of others, but that changed the first day. Everybody’s there for the same reason: to be healthy. Everyone is very supportive! I joined with a goal to fit into my wedding dress. I have no doubt that I will look fabulous much before the “Big day” thanks to Becky and her Boot Camp techniques. Might I add that I had a very bad hip initially and Becky was able to adjust her routine for me specifically whenever needed while keeping the rest of the group on track. I have finally made some great “Lifestyle changes” and I thank Becky and the members of her class for helping me get there. I have more to go, but am motivated more than ever!!!! I definitely recommend you give LifeSport Fitness a try.

Cyndi K., Los Gatos