Are You Ready To Look and Feel Fabulous??

It’s time for….

February 10th – March 10th 2019

Give us 4 weeks and we’ll help you slim down, shape up and lose that “winter layer” around your waistline!
If you’re a busy woman who lives in or near San Jose and you’re looking to make 2019 your leanest, strongest,
best year yet, here is your chance to enroll in the lifeSport Fitness “Little Black Dress Project”!!
During our 4 weeks together, we’ll provide EVERYTHING you need to lose weight, tone up and feel great!

What can you expect from the  Little Black Dress Project??

  • You will lose pounds and inches!
  • You’ll curb your food cravings and bad food habits!
  • Your clothes will fit better!
  • You will firm and tone your muscles!
  • You will have WAY more energy!
  • You will improve your self-confidence!

It’s frustrating trying to figure out what to do to get in shape with no one to help you, not to mention it’s not very motivating.
When you join the Little Black Dress Project, you’ll get all the support and motivation you need, plus FUN,
full body calorie-blasting workouts every week!

Here’s what you get with your 6-week Little Black Dress Project registration fee:

  • Weekly workouts (you have the option of a 2x/week or 3x/week workout package)
  • Done-for-you weekly meal plans
  • Daily motivational emails
  • Private Facebook page (ask questions, give or receive motivation, share recipes, stay focused!)
  • Pre- and post-measurements to track your progress
  • A chance at winning a $250 CASH prize for highest percentage body fat lost!

Choose from these workout locations/times:

M-W-F  6:00 am  Cambrian area of San Jose  (1260 Branham Lane, 95118)
Tu/Thu 6:10 pm  Cambrian area of San Jose  (1260 Branham Lane, 95118)
Tu/Thu 6:30 am Willow Glen area of San Jose (1205 Pine Ave., 95125)

You will be able to reserve your space on the roster at the boot camp location of your choice after you have registered.

Registration fee:

Current lifeSport Fitness clients:  $49
Non-members** on a 2 workouts/week package:  $139
Non-members** on a 3 workouts/week package:  $179

**The non-member package is for individuals who have not been a lifeSport member OR participated in a lifeSport Fitness
promotional membership within the last 12 months.

Deadline to register for the lifeSport Fitness Little Black Dress Challenge is Thursday, February 7th at 9:00 pm

Fill out the form below to reserve your spot in the Little Black Dress Project!

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Here’s what some of our current clients have to say about their experience with lifeSport Fitness:

I started coming to camp twice per week over two years ago and liked it instantly: a challenging but achievable workout in a safe environment with an excellent coach in Becky Williamson, who is knowledgeable, personable, and watchful of her clients to make sure we always use good form. She knows when to encourage us to achieve a little bit more too. There are morning and evening camps, twice and three times per week, and there are often extra Saturday morning camps too. I have lost 20 pounds, many inches, and almost 2 sizes, especially since stepping up to attending camp three mornings per week. You cannot go wrong with LifeSport Fitness with Becky and her staff.

Jacquie M., Santa Clara

I am on my third month at lifeSport Fitness and I feel great!  I am seeing great results and it is a lot of fun!  Not only is Becky passionate about exercising and nutrition, she is positive and encouraging to make sure your workout is the best it can be.  I am not a fan of running and what I enjoy the most out of Becky’s workouts is the cardio/strength circuit where you work out really hard doing cardio followed by active recovery during strength training.  It is a great work out!  I have joined other local boot camps in the past and by FAR — lifeSport Fitness is the best!

Renee B., San Jose

If you’re sick and  tired of being sick and tired, allow me and my team to coach you to your best health ever!

Hurry to lock in your spot for our “Little Black Dress” Project!

Questions?  Please call the lifeSport Fitness training facility at 408-265-1540 (please note:  This phone cannot accept texts)