“I Feel SO Much Better After a lifeSport Fitness Boot Camp Class”

I love lifesport fitness boot camp because I feel so much better after a boot camp class than I do after a workout at the gym. I like how the instructor gives everyone 1-on-1 instruction. The small group atmosphere makes it more motivating and fun than working out alone. I am overweight and hate to work out, but somehow the instructors manage to make the workouts fun and they keep us moving the entire time. Last Halloween, we even did a whole workout using pumpkins! I have been attending lifeSport Fitness boot camps for awhile now and the results I’m seeing are that my energy level is better and my muscles are toning up. I have been to other boot camps in San Jose and feel that LifeSport Fitness offer the best boot camp workouts around. Plus, they give you that feeling of caring about you as an individual.

Isabelle Z., San Jose