Three ways to boost your metabolism

Three Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Here are three ways you can increase your daily calorie burn…

1) Add strength training to your weekly exercise routine

The muscle you have on your frame burns calories ALL DAY LONG.  So, if you want your body to burn more calories every day, increase your muscle mass!  

You can do this with dumbbells, machines at a gym, exercise bands, kettlebells and even your own body weight.  Work your muscles to fatigue when you strength train so that  you’ll force them to rebuild bigger and stronger.  Lift as heavy as you can, and prioritize exercises that use multiple joints at once (e.g., squats, lunges, pull ups, push ups)

Not only will strength training help you increase your overall daily calorie burn over time, it may protect you from age related muscle loss.  The more muscular you are as you age,  the more likely you are to remain independent and the less likely you are to fall and become frail.

Strength training boosts metabolism

2) Set a daily protein intake goal

To keep things very simple, if you are an active adult engaged in regular exercise, you should be aiming for just under 1 gram of protein per pound of desired bodyweight. So, for example if you currently weigh 150 pounds but your goal weight is 130 pounds — you should be aiming to hit about 120 grams of protein per day.

Protein is the secret to a supercharged metabolism because protein FEEDS lean muscle!

When deciding where to use your calories in a day, make sure you always prioritize protein. Every single meal should include a high-quality lean protein.  Pick your protein first, then look at your remaining calories for fat and carbohydrates.

3) Switch out some of your longer, lower intensity cardio workouts for High Intensity Interval Training ("HIIT") workouts

Longer, lower intensity cardio workouts are really great for your heart and lungs and overall conditioning. But — once the workout is over, the calorie burning stops. When you do High Intensity Interval Training, though, research shows your body increases it’s calorie burn for several hours after the workout. This means more calories burned overall. Plus, the research indicates that the body favors stored fat for fuel in that aftermath of the HIIT workout. Even better ;-). If you’re not sure how to perform a HIIT workout, just hit “reply” to this email and I can explan if further and direct you to a few instructional videos that might help.

There you have it!


Three ways to increase your daily calorie burn. 


Start implementing these tips TODAY and you’ll be on  your way to easier weight management and a toned, strong, healthy body!