Accelerate your FAt Loss /

Are you frustrated by your lack of progress in your weight loss efforts?

Do you feel like you’re eating and exercising well, but the scale just isn’t cooperating?

The Nutrition OS 8-Week Coaching Program is for YOU!

Nutrition OS is the LASTING solution for people who are tired of the diet roller coaster.

Your personal progress toward your health and weight loss goals will happen when……….

✅  You have expert help

✅  You have accountability

✅  You have goals

✅  You have a team to support you

this is exactly what the Nutrition OS 8-Week Coaching Program is all About /

For 8 weeks, we dial in to YOU and what YOU need to be successful with your weight loss.  Through weekly group meetings and some individual coaching, we’ll help you create your very own “operating system” for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

We take only 10 people in this coaching group to allow for individualized attention.

Let’s face it. You can exercise 7 days a week for an hour a day, but if the other 161 hours of your week are not in balance (e.g., poor sleep, poor nutrition, massive stress) you likely don’t have the health OR the physique you want right now.

But, with a coach, a plan, and a small community of others working on similar goals, you will create a whole new operating system for yourself that will keep you lean for life!

what do we do in the NUTRITION OS Meetings?

✅  We roll up our sleeves and we get to work defining the goals you will work toward        and create a customized PLAN to help you reach those goals

✅  We go over 1-2 topics in each meeting that are geared toward helping you move          from unhealthy habits to healthy habits

✅  We have unstructured time to go over questions, and set nutrition and activity goals for the upcoming week.

✅  You receive weekly tasks and take-away activities to help you put new, healthy              habits into practice

✅  We keep each other accountable via a private forum just for our group

Studies have regularly shown that social support is extremely important for people to achieve their goals. Often those that try to do it alone fail to create lasting change      and typically revert to their old habits.

Your NUTRITION OS group will give you that social support! This will be a team with a single purpose: to help everyone involved lose fat!

While we might all KNOW what to eat, the hardest part is actually buying the right foods and eating the right portions, right?? The NUTRITION OS 8-WEEK COACHING PROGRAM will give you a plan, keep you on point, and help you bust through plateaus so you won’t have to struggle with weight anymore!


✅  Eight 1-hour group meetings via Zoom  (Monday nights, 7:00-8:00 pm, Pacific time)

✅  Email access to your coach for questions during the week

✅  Structured lessons, action items and education each week

✅ Optional upgrade:  Individualized one-on-one weekly coaching and accountability


PROGRAM DATES:   August 21st through October 9th, 2023

Registration will close on Saturday, August 19th (or when we reach 10 participants).

Your investment options for this powerful 8-week program:

Premiere Program
You’ll participate in the Nutrition OS classes and receive individualized coaching each week. You’ll have a 1-on-1 Zoom call with your coach in week 1 of the course to set up goals and action items.  You’ll have weekly email check-ins to keep you accountable and moving forward.

✅  $399 for current lifeSport Fitness clients

✅  $449 for non-clients


Basic Program

You’ll participate in the Nutrition OS weekly classes and receive all course materials.  You’ll have access to your coach via email for questions.

✅  $179 for current lifeSport Fitness clients

✅  $199 for non-clients

✅  $79 for Nutrition OS alumni (people who have participated in Nutrition OS previously)


Fill out the form below to secure your spot!

Boot Camp Location: 

John Muir Middle School
1260 Branham Lane
San Jose, Ca 95118

M – W – F    /   6:00 – 6:50 am

Interested in a Women-Only workout?

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