“I Was Amazed at How FUN the Campbell Boot Camp Was”

Let me just say Becky is a fantastic trainer, and fitness bootcamp instructor! I started working with Becky as my personal trainer in San Jose in Aug 2007, as I was seriously struggling to lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle. She worked with me to develop a fitness plan, and teach me food goals that I still incorporate into my life today. Each personal training session kicked my butt, but it was so worth it, as my body became more toned as time grew on, and I learned how to work out correctly on my own, and eat better. Can you believe that Becky got me to eat fruits, and vegetables!? Her fitness knowledge is one of a kind, and I am truly greatful for the knowledge she has instilled in me. In July 2008, I joined her afterwork fitness bootcamp, and I was amazed at how much fun this was to work out with other like minded people, and how she still was able to give us individual attention to our fitness needs/goals. I always looked forward to going to bootcamp, because I know how good I was going to feel afterwards from the butt kicking routine. (Don’t be scared folks, it is really good!) 🙂 I look forward to attending more of Becky’s bootcamps in the future, and I think you should take the time to invest yourself in them as well-you won’t regret it!

Brittany C., San Jose