“The Los Gatos boot camp was my ‘Bridal Boot Camp’ “

I am very pleased with Becky at LifeSport Fitness! I recommend that you try her Boot Camp. I was not one that was comfortable doing any kind of fitness routine in front of others, but that changed the first day. Everybody’s there for the same reason: to be healthy. Everyone is very supportive! I joined with a goal to fit into my wedding dress. I have no doubt that I will look fabulous much before the “Big day” thanks to Becky and her Boot Camp techniques. Might I add that I had a very bad hip initially and Becky was able to adjust her routine for me specifically whenever needed while keeping the rest of the group on track. I have finally made some great “Lifestyle changes” and I thank Becky and the members of her class for helping me get there. I have more to go, but am motivated more than ever!!!! I definitely recommend you give LifeSport Fitness a try.

Cyndi K., Los Gatos