What should you eat before a workout?

Aug 07, 2008

I know some of you morning exercisers don't like to eat before working out. I hear this a lot from people in my early morning fitness boot camps in Almaden (at the very cool Shamrock Martial Arts facility) and in...

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Homework for Almaden boot camp and Campbell boot camps

Jul 24, 2008

Hey boot campers!Welcome to my blog. If you haven't already, please take a moment to scroll down and watch the video in the previous post below. It'll be your laugh for the day. Then, come back up here and grab...

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Can you get fit with Wii????

Jul 23, 2008

A customer in one of my boot camps mentioned being a little sore from playing Wii the day before.  I don't know much about the Wii (don't own one), but it got me to thinking---is it a really a workout?...

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How many calories ARE you eating, anyway??

Jul 13, 2008

You might be surprised.  Research has shown that most people underestimate their food consumption by about 30%.  I'd have to say I see lots of "portion distortion" and "food amnesia" in some of the logs of my clients when I...

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About those New Year's resolutions....

Jul 07, 2008

Remember way back in January when you vowed that this year would be different?  You'd eat better, exercise more, get a better job or a raise, maybe find your soul mate, perhaps start a new business?  How's it going?  If...

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Toss the teeny weights, please

Jun 29, 2008

Okay, it's time to rant.  I just got back from the gym. I almost told a complete stranger she was wasting her time, but I bit my tongue and moved to a different area of the weight room so I...

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