What’s Your Perfect Six-pack?

Most men have probably wished for perfect six-pack abs at some point in their lives. But more than likely, just wishing for it didn’t really achieve the results they were looking for.

The fact is, even men who work out rigorously never even come close to achieving that magazine cover look. But why is it so difficult for the average guy to carve out a lean set of six-pack abs? And can anything be done about it?

What it takes

That perfect definition that every man wants is not easy to come by. It’s the result of continuously building lean muscle and losing the unwanted fat that is covering up those muscles you worked so hard to build. It requires a delicate balance between food intake, exercise and, believe it or not, genetics.

Slimming down calories

While being mindful of every calorie you consume is essential to achieving this look, starving yourself to get lean isn’t sustainable and is never a good idea. However, to get six-pack results, you will need to continually cut more calories as your body becomes leaner. This practice eventually becomes unsustainable as thoughts of all your favorite foods suddenly become too much to bear, or other side effects, such as irritability and fatigue, start to take their toll.

Beefing up your workout routine

Of course, cutting calories alone won’t give you abs of steel, but we are talking about much more than just an occasional workout at the gym. You will need to adopt a rigorous lifestyle of intense cardio and weight training. If done correctly, you will start to see result. But this is when some men become obsessed with the process and start ignoring other important aspects of their lives, which is not a healthy way to live for many reasons.

Is a six-pack in you genes?

After fully committing to this process and getting your food intake and workout routine down to a science, why aren’t you getting the results you had hoped for? Actually, it may have something to do with genetics. Just as some people are naturally slimmer or more muscular than others, some people just naturally hold on to a bit more body fat than others. So while the muscle tone you have worked so hard for is actually there, it’s just not as visible as it would be on someone with a lower percentage of body fat.

A healthier approach

It’s much more common to be one of those guys that just can’t realistically maintain a super-low percentage of body fat. Instead of becoming discouraged, be proud of the work you put into improving your health and appearance, and embrace the level of fitness you have achieved.

You might not look exactly like the guys on those magazine covers, but you are likely in much better shape than most of your friends. Besides, accepting your body’s limitations will allow you to spend just a little less time at the gym and a little more on other important things in your life.

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