What’s the REAL Reason Most Weight Loss Diets Fail?

Coach Aaron Benes from Newport Beach, California Coach Aaron Benes

We all know someone who has dieted, lost weight and then proceeded to gain the weight back.  Perhaps you yourself have fallen victim to this.

For permanent fat loss, we need to change this cycle.

My good friend and professional fitness coach in Newport Beach, Aaron Benes, has given me permission to share an article here at my blog that he recently posted in his newsletter for his clients at Imagine If Fitness.

When it comes to coaching for better strength, fitness and fat loss, Aaron Benes is your go-to guy in Newport Beach.  I’m privileged to call him my friend and very grateful he allowed me to publish his article here.


What’s the Real Reason Most Diets Fail?

Maybe it is the approach.

Have you ever considered how important your mindset and your thoughts are when setting out to achieve a goal?Use your brain! The right mindset is important for permanent weight loss

From what I’ve seen, most individuals start their diet/program from a very unhealthy position. Common thoughts behind beginning a program might be “I hate my thighs,” or “my butt is huge,” or “If I could just fit into a size 4, then I would stop hating what I see in the mirror.” In these instances the individual believes that there is something ‘wrong’ with themselves and if they could just change this one thing, then they would feel good about who they are.

Most people start a diet with this exact mindset. They think that they should deprive themselves and suffer through the program in order to create the change they so desperately seek. Once the program has reached its completion date, the individual typically feels a sense of accomplishment and of relief that it is over, along with a sense of entitlement. “Hey, I lost 20 lbs; I deserve a slice of chocolate cake. I deserve a few drinks.” Or whatever it may be. Since this individual has been depriving themselves the entire time, they feel that the treat is well earned. Unfortunately, once this splurge occurs – coming from a place of deprivation – then the old pattern re-emerges and the weight begins to rise, even more rapidly than it was reduced.

The pattern is simple – start out being disgusted or hating your body, begin the program from a state of deprivation, then essentially starve or punish yourself for a prescribed period of time and suffer while the weight falls off…then once the weight is off and you have reached your goal, you can relax and slip right back into your old patterns.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

Weight loss is easier if you love and care yourself• What about beginning any program because you love yourself enough to make a permanent change for your health and happiness?

• What about the fact that you are not depriving yourself, but only eating just as nature originally intended? Have you ever considered that human beings are not designed to eat foods that are genetically modified, hormone filled, chemically destroyed, highly processed, and loaded with artificial sugars?

• How about actually learning something from the program that got you to lose 20 lbs? Like all the health benefits associated with no longer being overweight: having more energy, more stamina, feeling better about you and your body, improving your sex life and sleeping deeper?

• How about educating yourself just a little, so you have an idea about where your food comes from? For example, if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest watching the film, Food Inc.

•Last, but certainly not least, how about caring enough about your health to accept personal responsibility to do something about it? We can’t control the economy, the bad driver on the road or world affairs, but we most certainly can control what we put into our bodies, how we treat ourselves, and how we feel.

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Coach Aaron


About Coach Aaron Benes :

Aaron began his career as a coach in 1994. He graduated with honors from California State University Fullerton with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He then became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Aaron’s background is extensive in both traditional education and real world experience. He specializes in a complete approach and addresses each client on a physical, mental and emotional level. Because he posseses the rare combination of tools to work with the body and the brain, he is able to assist his clients on many levels and help them achieve goals which otherwise were not possible.

His overall goal as a coach is to provide all of his clients with a positive, powerful and lasting life changing experience.


Okay it’s Becky again.  I asked Aaron if I could re-publish his newsletter article here because I agree with him wholeheartedly that the reason most diets fail is because of the approach.  The “diet and deprivation” approach is a temporary fix that will eventually backfire.  A lifestyle approach creates a more realistic situation that you can continue for the rest of your life.  If you can change your mindset, you can change your lifestyle.  If you can change  your lifestyle, you can stay lean forever.

To your weight loss success,