Want to lose weight? Do interval training!

Yes, my Los Gatos boot campers know the benefits of interval training:  More calories burned per session, an elevated metabolic rate for several hours after the workout, improved “fat burning” potential, and shorter workouts (yeah!).  With this in mind, I give you your weekend  homework.

As always, please make sure to do a good 5 minute (or more) warm up to prepare your body for the workout. You can do this workout at home, at the track or wherever you want. You’ll need a jump rope (although you can  “fake” the jump rope portions by simply doing the ‘Ali shuffle’ in place).
Two minutes of jump rope
Jump squats (40 seconds on, 20 seconds recovery) Rookies:  Do regular squats
Two minutes of jump rope
FAST lateral shuffles  (40 seconds on, 20 seconds recovery)
Two minutes of jump rope
Walking lunges (40 seconds on, 20 seconds of recovery)
-30 second water break-
Repeat this cycle 3 times (2 times for rookies) for a killer 27 minute workout.
Please remember to cool down after this workout by walking around for about 5 minutes, and finishing up with a good stretch.  Don’t forget to stretch your calves!
Leave a comment here to let me know how you did!
Congrats to one of our newest rookies, Dina, who has reported that she’s already lost 3 lbs!  Way to go, Dina!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Committed to your success,