Variety in Program

If you think back to your last few weeks or even days of workouts and the exercises you performed, do you find yourself performing the same exercises over and over, week after week? Our bodies are extremely adaptive to all physical conditions and stress, and it always tries to expend the least amount of energy to perform any physical activity. It will build the bare minimum amount muscles needed to allow you to perform any repetitive exercise that you do week after week.Our bodies are our temples. It is the only thing we truly own during our lives. And if we don’t take care of it, we will pay a large price for it, there is no doubt regarding that. Fitness is an essential part of properly caring for our bodies.

With our busy schedules sometimes it seems hard enough to eat properly or get enough sleep, let alone fit in an exercise regime. Poor health has become synonymous with modern living and it is understandable that people cannot find sufficient time for working out. Nevertheless, it is very important that we make some time for physical activity and it’s even more important to add variety into your fitness routines.

Variety is essential in a fitness program because it allows for your body to be challenged on a consistent basis and to get over a plateau. A plateau occurs when the body has become accustom or used to doing the same repeated exercises again and again. To overcome a plateau the combination of new exercises and placing new demands on the body will improve the intensity in addition to promoting new muscle mass growth.

Change the activity
Many activities can be used to change your aerobic, muscle-conditioning, and overall flexibility plans. If you are getting bored with walking, try swimming or an aerobics course. If you are bored with your muscle-strengthening exercises, try doing more gardening instead. Or try using various weight equipment or hand weights for unique exercise. Try some of these exercises below to add wide variety, and break your normal routine to develop more muscle mass.

  • Weighted Dips: Using your body weight to do dips may not be enough to promote muscle growth. Use a weight attachment belt and add some heavy weights to your regular dips. Start off adding 10 to 25% of your body weight – you should aim to add enough weight that allows you to only do 4 to 6 repetitions.
  • Dead Lifts: Dead lifts are an additional exercise that works wonders to build more muscle and strength. Add them to your routine, if you’re not already doing them. Rather than the regular lat pull downs or seated rows, dead lifts will work the rest of the your body along with your back.
  • Front Squats: How frequently do you see anyone do front squats? I bet seldom, and if you’re not doing them, then you’re missing out on one of the best exercises for quad development. The main difference between squats and front squats is that the barbell is resting on your front shoulders instead on your back.

Differ the time
Do your exercises at different times and for different quantities of time. If you become bored with your noon walk, try working out in the early morning or after work or school. Instead of doing one 30-minute session, do a few 15-minute sessions.

Vary the location
Try a new route for walking or biking or even a diverse room for your exercises or stretching. By having several options, you can pick one that suits your feeling or routine.

Variety is necessary for psychological and physical development. The mind needs variety in motion and any fitness class. Boredom often happens when people lose interest in exercise. Doing various programs is exciting and prevents boredom. The body also needs different exercises so it doesn’t adapt to the same stress placed on the muscles and bones.

Different systems of energy are also used when we move and therefore different exercises will change the pace of the heart. Multiplanar movements will stimulate all muscles evenly therefore decreasing injury risk. Make your fitness class fun but organized.

Stay motivated!! This may be the most important fitness tip of all. Nearly all people drop out of Fitness Programs and workouts over time. Do not fall victim to this! Keeping an eye of your goals is a way of staying with your program. Remember that motivation gets you started and routine keeps you going.

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