Healthy Foods That Really Aren’t That Healthy

Try as we might to eat healthy most of the time, we’re often tricked by advertising into thinking what they’re selling is really good for us. What does this mean? Sometimes what we think are healthy foods aren’t healthy at all! Often, the foods that get touted as “healthy” by food manufacturers aren’t the best choices in their class. So to help figure out what’s what, here’s a list of healthy foods that really aren’t that healthy.


Here are a few foods that get touted as “healthy” by food manufacturers. Although, many of them aren’t the best choices in their class.


Tasty and fast, for sure. But, unfortunately, breakfast cereal is often jam-packed with extra sugars that will do more to drag you down than build you up for your day. A lot of breakfast cereals will jack up your blood sugar because they’re made with low fiber, fast acting carbohydrates (which leads to a blood sugar drop later in the morning).

If you like a morning bowl of cereal, opt for whole oats or steel cut oats. Add berries or a little Stevia for sweetness and some chopped nuts for healthy fats. This will give you some filling fiber to get you through the morning and a LOT more nutrition than a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.



Yes, flavored yogurt tastes much better than its plain peers, but going with a pre-flavored yogurt will instantly double the amount of sugar you consume. Fortunately, overcoming the flavorless thing can be done healthily. All you have to do is add chopped, fresh fruit of your choice and enjoy! Consider Greek yogurt for a higher protein count.



Manufacturers woo you in with “zero calories!!!” emblazoned on the label/can. Unfortunately, scientists now think that diet soda messes with your body’s ability to recognize and manage sugar properly. Switch over to sparkling water if you like the carbonation but don’t want to feed your sweet tooth.



No, all popcorn is not to be avoided at all costs. But more than likely, a lot of the unpopped kernels in your kitchen should be ditched. 

Here’s a good way to determine if your popcorn is at war with your good health. Is it in a prepackaged bag that simply has to be tossed in the microwave to be cooked? If so, then stay away! 

Those prepackaged popcorn packages, whether lightly buttered, drowning in butter, or candied offer no benefit. If you’re going to do popcorn, you’ll need to pop it the old-fashioned way, preferably via air popping.



The word “skinny” is alluring, I know. However, these diet desserts are often filled with artificial ingredients and sugars that are keeping you stuck with your fat loss. When you want dessert — go for the real thing: really good ice cream, a freshly baked cookie, a decadent brownie. Eat those yummy desserts once in a while and they won’t mess with your overall nutrition if it’s otherwise on point.

As a bonus, desserts made with real foods won’t add chemicals to your gut! For example, consider baking a small batch of cookies at home. You will get to enjoy a freshly made warm cookie that will not only taste delicious but will also have no harmful chemicals in them! You can even freeze the leftovers for another treat in the future.

Want to try it out? Check out this recipe for homemade peanut butter cookies



Enjoyed by healthy hikers around the world, granola bars are the final unexpected bad choice in your kitchen. This one may have you scratching your head when you consider that your favorite kind is crammed with every fruit and nut you can imagine. But read the ingredient label and you’ll soon see that there is probably more added sugar (make that high-fructose corn syrup!) than goodness your body can use. If you need a snack bar, look for brands with little to no additional sugars and a limited ingredient list.




Yes, generally these foods may be healthy or at least healthier than other foods. But, that doesn’t mean that every version of it sold in stores is healthy too! Thus, the usage of the phrase “healthy foods that really aren’t that healthy.”


Always check the labels when you can to see how much sugar is in the product (or corn syrup). Many times you can even make the food item yourself! Whether that be a bowl of yogurt with fruit, popcorn or even some cookies. Or, you can move towards the more healthier alternative of a product, such as the case of sparkling water in place of soda.


Follow our advice laid out from this article and feel confident in knowing that you are having the best option of that food item possible!

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Season is upon us and with that comes big meals! Because of this, you may be worried about maintaining your health and/or your weight over the holidays. For that reason, I have written a couple of fit tips for you on how to avoid the holiday weight gain!


Here’s my take on the holidays as they relate to your health (and your waistline):


  • Holidays are to be enjoyed, not stressed over
  • YOU are in control of how much you indulge
  • Holidays shouldn’t be just about food. They should be about enjoying time with those you love.

With that in mind, here’s how to stay fit this holiday season:

Holiday Fitness Tip #1: It’s All About Moderation


Don’t try to deprive yourself of all the foods you love! This is highly unrealistic (and SO not fun!!). Instead, be smart about what you choose to eat. Enjoy your very favorite flavors of the season, but in moderation. Trim calories where you can by only eating those rich foods that you really enjoy.


When eating at home in non-holiday mode — eat really, really well (whole foods, lots of fiber, lean proteins and boatloads of veggies).


Also, be sure to limit the number of alcoholic beverages you drink when at social gatherings. Some typical holiday drinks are filled with tons of sugary calories. Try alternating an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic drink like sparkling water.

Holiday Fitness Tip #2: Fiber is Your Friend


Here’s a simple tip that most people overlook when loading up their plates at holiday gatherings…fill up on fiber first. You see, if your plate is mostly fibrous vegetables and greens there is only a moderate amount of room left on your plate for the dishes full of fats and carbs. Therefore, your net calorie intake for the meal will be dramatically lower than if you had eaten more of the dishes full of carbs and fats.


BONUS TIP! – While this tip is super effective during the holidays, it’s also a technique that you can carry with you throughout the rest of the year to stay lean while still indulging in what you love. The key is to eat less of the rich foods and more of the lower calorie, high fiber foods.

Holiday Fitness Tip #3: Exercise is a MUST


Many people let their workouts go to the wayside during the busy holiday weeks, however I am here to tell you how important it is that you keep your workouts a priority. I know it’s harder to get up early when it’s cold outside, or head to your evening workout when it’s dark outside. However, that act of lacing up your shoes, sweating, and getting the endorphins flowing makes a huge impact on your overall fitness (and mental health!).


Not only are you burning calories and stoking your metabolism by sticking to your normal exercise routine, you are keeping fitness at the forefront of your mind. It may sound like a small thing, but getting your workout in forces you to remember your fitness goals. This small act will help you make better decisions throughout the rest of your day.


So, how do you avoid holiday weight gain? My message to you today is that you DO NOT have to sacrifice the fun and flavors of the season. You just have to keep your exercise schedule as tight as possible and be aware of your eating habits. Make good choices when you can (like at home), and enjoy those indulgences when you’re at an event. 

You can do this!



I am passionate about seeing my clients achieve results—AND maintaining those results throughout the holiday season and beyond.


If you are not currently working with us and want extra accountability during the holiday season, call or email me today to get started on a lifeSport Fitness program.  Who knows?! You might end up on December 31st more fit and leaner than you are now — how’s THAT for a healthy holiday season? 🙂


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Coach Becky

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Committed to your success,


Coach Becky