San Jose and Campbell boot camps are rockin’ in July!

We’re off to a great start this July with our boot camps in San Jose and Campbell.  Lots of good energy!

A warm welcome to all of our new campers! 

San Jose-Almaden boot camp: AnnMarie, Violet, Joan, Lisa B., Kimberlee, and Kristina

San Jose-Willow Glen boot camp:  Carol

Campbell boot camp:  Dan, Aubrie, Jade, Christina, Matt, Alethea, Lara, Martie, Lindsay, Dorrie and Jewell.

I know many of you newbies are feeling a little stiff and sore this week.  Pretty normal for the first week of boot camp. You won’t be as sore after next week’s classes.  Honest.

Want to boost your metabolism and melt off some body fat over the weekend?? If so, I’ve got a done-for-you workout template to give you an high intensity interval cardio workout.  

You can choose any cardio activity you like for this workout:  walking, jogging, stationary biking, treadmill, swimming, etc.  It works for just about any cardio activity.  One word of caution:  if you’re a fan of the elliptical trainer at your gym, just make sure you’re really working hard. I see lots of “doggin’ it” on those things at my  club. The machine is moving more than the person on it! 

Here’s the plan:  

-Warm up at a low intensity for about 5 minutes.  Nothing fancy here, just do whatever your cardio activity is going to be at a lower intensity.

-After your warm up, hit it HARD for 30 seconds, then dial back your exertion for 60 seconds.

-Repeat the pattern of HARD for 30 seconds, recovery for 60 seconds 6-10 times. 

On a scale of 1-10, you should be at an 8 or 9 on your hard intervals (you’re breathing really heavy), and about a “5” during recovery (breathing rapidly, but not gasping for breath).

That’s it!  This workout will blast more calories in less time than a lower intensity workout done at a constant exertion level  (assuming you really work hard during your intervals).  You’ll also raise your metabolic rate for a few hours after your workout as well.

So, throw on some sunscreen and get out there this weekend!


Committed to your success,