Roll With It

There are many reasons why massaging out the tight knots in muscles is an important part of your workout routine, even if you already stretch regularly. No matter how much you stretch, there is a build of fascia that creates muscle knots that won’t go away, which can lead to many different problems.Regular use of a foam roller can:

  • Help prevent common injuries – foam rolling every day ensures you are massaging away fascia buildup in your muscles, preventing those areas from becoming injury trigger points.
  • Help you de-stress – foam roll your worries away, digging at those knots and releasing tension.
  • Keeps you flexible – building up your flexibility is key for any fitness routine.

Foam rolling is not just a massage tool either. Use it as part of your regular workout routine.

Try adding the foam roller to these common workouts.

  • Plank with a foam roller. Place your palms shoulder width apart on the foam roller. Stabilize the foam roller while you plank and hold.
  • Wall squat with the foam roller. Place the foam roller between your midback and a wall and squat down until the roller reaches your shoulder.
  • Push up and arm lift with the foam roller. Do a push up with one palm on the ground and the other on the roller. Push up and lift the roller until its parallel to your chest. Repeat with your other arm.
  • Bridge on the roller with leg extension. Make a bridge with your heels on the foam roller. Extend a leg straight up. Repeat with other leg.
  • Push up and leg lift. With hands on roller, do a push up. Lower your chest toward the roller, keeping your elbows in. Lift your right leg, and then lower it. Repeat the push-up, and then lift the left leg.

The foam roller is a great exercise tool to help strengthen muscles, prevent injury and can help overall fitness and ability. The more regularly you use a foam roll on your tight muscles, the less painful it will be. Roll with it!

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