Pre-turkey day workout advice

The countdown to Turkey Day is on!  Remember as we talked about in boot camp–Thanksgiving is just ONE day.  Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy the festivities with your friends and family.  Eat some of the traditional Thanksgiving foods and don’t feel guilty about it.  It’s just ONE day.

Before I give you your boot camp homework, here are some healthy ideas for the Thanksgiving holiday:

• Make sure you don’t starve yourself before your meal (more likely you’ll overeat at dinner)
• Make a conscious effort to eat well in the days leading up to Thanksgiving (lean protein, LOTS of produce, and small amounts of healthy fats like almonds and other nuts)
• Plan (NOW!) for great workouts the day before and after Thanksgiving–and even on Thankgiving Day if you can.  Grab friends and family and make it a social time.
• When at your Thanksgiving meal, drink water before your meal. At the meal, eat what you want, but take smaller portions.  Drink water with your meal and take frequent sips.
• If you drink alcohol, have a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage and limit yourself to two alcoholic drinks.
We’re off from boot camp the week of Thanksgiving, but if you make  an effort to exercise well, make good choices and have just a little restraint with portion sizes, you really can enjoy wonderful food, good times and treats you wouldn’t eat every day—and not have to pay dearly at the scale.
I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Now, on to the homework!
This workout is for Almaden boot campers and Los Gatos boot campers. For my ladies at the “Fit and Fabulous” FitCamp in Willow Glen, you’ve got your homework for the whole week on your handout!
I’ve got a very simple workout for you.  You can perform it by running, walking, or swimming, or on any exercise machine at the gym.  
Keep in mind that the cardio interval bursts are to be HARD.  If you’re talking and carrying on while you’re doing your cardio interval burst—you’re not working hard enough!  Talking and carrying on is best done during warm up or cool down :-).
0:00- 5:00 minutes:  Warm up by walking or doing our “active warm up” from boot camp.
5:00-8:00 minutes: Pick up the pace to a “7” on our scale of 1-10
8:00-8:30: Go HARD for just 30 seconds! (about a “9” on our scale)
8:30-9:00:  Drop down to “moderate” exertion (about a “7”)

Repeat this pattern of 30 seconds HARD, 30 seconds MODERATE for 5-9 more rounds, depending on your fitness level.

Cool down by walking around for about 3-5 minutes and finish with a great stretch!

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