Metabolism Boost through Muscle

Getting a metabolism boost may be on your holiday wish list this season. Unfortunately Santa can’t leave it in your stocking no matter if it’s hung on the chimney with care. There’s simply no magic about kick starting your internal engine to burn fat.

The Good News About a Metabolism Boost

There is a direct correlation between lean muscle and metabolism. And, your metabolism defines the shape of your body.  So, the higher your internal engine (metabolism) revs, the the more calories your body will burn. Building lean muscle will burn more calories.  Your excess body fat can’t do that ;-). That’s why I focus on resistance training with my personal training and San Jose boot camp clients.   Aerobic activities like running, swimming and fast walking are great for your cardiovascular system and improving your overall fitness, but resistance training is the only way to increase lean muscle mass.

A Simple Equation

It’s a simple equation really: calories in versus calories out. If you want to positively change your body’s composition (decrease fat, increase lean muscle), it’s just a matter of playing the numbers game. If you burn more calories than what you take in each day, then you’ll lose weight. I know… easier said then done. Yet achieving a caloric deficit is the only way to lose fat. I’ve seen clients diligently work out in my bootcamp and still gain weight. Why? Because they are taking in more calories they burn.

Now that the holidays are here, it’s even harder to reduce your daily caloric intake. It may not be realistic to say NO to a slice of pumpkin pie during this holiday season. However, you can say YES to a longer workout.  According to wiki.answers the average slice of homemade pumpkin pie (1/8th of a 9-inch pie weighing 5.5 ozs) is approximately 316 calories.  Again, its simply a math equation. If you want to maintain this holiday season, calculate those extra calories and convert them into a consistent and effective workout routine. There’s where your metabolism boost will kick in.

An added benefit to a little more muscle on your body?  You’ll look better in your clothes :-).


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