Improve Your Memory and Your Career

Multitasking is a skill that many women possess. It is a talent that women are proud of, that they learned through their experience running a household and managing a career. Multitasking may also be a skill that was passed on from their own mothers. Unfortunately a multitasker can’t maintain a high level of efficiency for long. At some point they will become overworked and overstressed which can lead to forgetfulness.

In many occupations the skills you use to develop your career depend heavily upon your memory. Memory could make or break the chance for you to get that long-awaited promotion. One little absent-minded blunder and everything you’ve worked hard to earn could be gone.

Knowing how to spend some time for yourself by giving yourself a few minutes of peace and relaxation each day might be all you need to enhance your memory. Companies have discovered that by giving employees regular breaks their staff is ultimately more productive. Another way that a corporation can improve their staff’s performance is by adding some conveniences to the workplace to make the staffs’ lives less hectic. To achieve this some businesses have included health clubs, daycares, saunas, and cafeterias. These additions to the workplace can give employees extra time for themselves or their families and even reduce stress levels. Whatever the reason for including these employee benefits, companies are creating an environment for their employees which allows them to focus more on work and in turn improve their concentration and memory.

As you move up the corporate ladder you’ll find yourself attending more meetings, lunch dates and evening events which will require you to recall more people’s names. Forgetting a name is not only embarrassing but also can be detrimental to your career. Remembering a name is a great tool for customer service jobs. Some banks have even tried rewarding customers with money if the teller does not greet them by name. A friendly greeting including the customer’s name is an excellent and easy way to make the customer feel more valued and appreciated.

Any job you select will suffer if you do not make the effort to remember crucial aspects of the tasks involved. Even if you are able to take shortcuts in the short term, they will eventually catch up with you and could lead to your termination. Forgetting courtesy, forgetting to clean up a mess you made, forgetting to return things to their appropriate places, forgetting to clean your uniform, forgetting to bring the right devices for the task, forgetting the due date of a project… will be noticed by your superiors and could lead to poor efficiency scores and reduced job security. Your boss and your co-workers need to know they can count on you.

If you’re able to reduce your stress and the amount of work, at home or at the office, that you do, you will be able to retain information better than if you were overstressed. This extra brain capacity can be used to improve your relationships with your superiors and co-workers. Remembering a colleagues birthday, or details about their family or hobbies outside of work will help form stronger bonds at work. In turn those colleagues will stand up for you and could potentially assist in your career development.

It’s so important to keep you workload and stress levels in check so that you are able to prioritize your tasks, become more efficient in your job and improve your memory to make you a better worker and better colleague.

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