The Secret To Getting In Better Shape

We’ve all said it. It goes something like this.. “I’ve GOT to start getting in better shape!!”.

It’s human nature to want to improve. 

We strive to improve all sorts of things in life:  Our grades when we’re young, our mile-time if we’re a runner, our chess game if we’re a chess player.  We all want to get better at something at some point in our life.

As a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry, and a personal trainer here in San Jose, “getting in better shape” is in my wheelhouse :-). 

 If you’re looking at getting in better shape, I have a few thoughts on how you might approach it.

Can you remember how it felt the last time that you ate healthfully, exercised well and got adequate sleep for a few consecutive days? It likely made you feel super energized and gave you a feeling of momentum, right?

 When you get some momentum going, you feel a buzzing in your cells and a rhythm in your pace. You feel alive, you feel energetic, and you felt empowered!

Start living a fitness lifestyle
“Woo Hoo! I feel empowered!”


Here’s the thing — you’re not at  your goal yet but you’re feeling GREAT! 

It’s the MOMENTUM.  

THAT is what is making you feel so good!

This is my message to you today — FEEL your momentum. Recognize the charge it gives you. Enjoy the feeling!

Getting to your goal weight or fitting into your goal pant size, is the direct result of living in that state of momentum for an extended period of time.

You see, the momentum can be felt immediately, once you start eating healthier, exercising well and taking care of your health, whereas that “goal number” simply can’t be felt until it is achieved, and so it’s not as powerful a motivator.

My challenge and advice to you is to find the joy of “living in the momentum”, and keep that momentum going until your goal number is achieved.

Focus only on the momentum — not on the number.

Fitness is a way of life. 

Feeling fit and strong requires a certain set of lifestyle habits.

Creating new lifestyle starts with taking a little action.

Action creates momentum.

Momentum keeps you going!

You have to take that first step (a small little action) to create the momentum.


So, if you’re trying to get into better shape, stop chasing after shiny objects and quick fixes. 

Focus on just one or two changes and do them consistently.  This builds momentum!


If you feel that you are lacking momentum, I encourage you to consider having my team and I coach you.  We’ve got a clean, bright personal training studio in San Jose just waiting for you!

Having a professionally designed plan, some accountability to get your workouts in, and a coach dedicated to your success can make all the difference in the world .


If you’d like to chat with us about how we can help you reach your fitness goals, fill in the form below and we’ll set up a time to chat!