Get Intimate

Relationships take work, and there are things you can do to encourage intimacy as your relationship continues grow and develop. People tend to think of intimacy in terms of a sexual relationship with their partner. While intimacy can include sexual activity, it also may include holding hands, a tender touch, a hug or a kiss. The day to day routine and life’s stresses can start to affect your intimacy in your relationship. How can you get that spark back?

Communication is essential to bringing back joy and love into a relationship. Take notice of the tones you are using with each other; communicating in a positive way is like attracting a bee to honey. Spending time together in a loving manner can change the situation. It’s all about getting back to being friends again, and talking and acting with loving intent.

Make sure to give enough time for your partner, plan events that will involve both of you spending affectionate time together. A busy life style or work is never an excuse, so do not make it one. Bring back the date night or take a weekend holiday together. Try to make these a monthly occurrence and schedule them in your calendar.

10 Steps to a More Intimate Relationship:

  1. Be Present When You’re with Your Partner. Put down the cell phone or turn off the t.v.
  2. Maintain Eye Contact.
  3. Be Physically Affectionate.
  4. Be Spiritual Together.
  5. Pay Attention. Listen to what your partner is really saying.
  6. Be Emotionally Available.
  7. Accept Unconditionally. Don’t make your partner change to what you want them to be.
  8. Be Supportive.
  9. Laugh Together.
  10. Find Common Interests and Pursue Them Together.

Relationships require work. Over periods of time they can lose some of the excitement that they had when you first met. This may seem like a problem, but it is completely normal in any relationship. Getting back to the way it use to be can sometimes be a challenge, but by using some of the tips listed above can help restore your loving partnership once again. A healthy intimate relationship is an integral part of a strong relationship. Invest in each other – Get Intimate!

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