I Found My Inner Athlete!

I played a lot of tennis as a young adult, then took up strength training and triathlon in my 40s, but with all the changes that came in my 50s I had totally lost sight of my inner athlete. I was uncomfortable, weak, tired, and found my body unrecognizable. Worse, I didn’t believe there was a way back, and the thought of facing decades without movement and activity in my life was very depressing. I had experienced success before with triathlon, but investing the time in all those cycling and running miles held no appeal, and no longer fit my lifestyle.
Seeing the success other triathlon friends were experiencing with boot camps, I started researching and landed on lifeSport Fitness. Boot camp is built around short intense activity, and that sounded like the change I wanted. I started with a Tuesday/Thursday morning women’s camp and I was immediately impressed with Becky’s attentiveness to proper form and injury prevention, and the knowledge to modify exercises as needed. As a certified USA Triathlon coach with expertise in coaching all three sports, I will walk away from a fitness instructor who mistakes enthusiasm for competence.
After six months, I had achieved my goal of feeling stronger . I then decided to step it up and switch to lifeSport Fitness’s Downtown camp three mornings per week, a coed camp with Coach Adam, one of Becky’s handpicked coaches. This was the change I needed, along with some support at home when my husband began going to camp with me, and a general cleanup of our diet. In the last four months, I have lost 20 pounds, many inches, and (nearly) 2 sizes. I feel stronger than I have ever felt and best of all, I have proved to myself that I don’t have to give up activity and movement, at least not yet. I recognize myself again, and that is the best gift anyone could have given me.
J.M., Santa Clara