Fighting the Green-eyed Monster

Over the past 50 years society has changed in so many ways and some aspects of our lives have change rapidly. With the invention of new technology to make our lives easier and to improve communication, we’ve actually created an environment of unhealthy competition and jealousy. It’s so much easier now to compare ourselves with the Jones’ and not just the Jones’ in our neighbourhood but around the world. Jealousy can affect us in many ways. We can show signs of jealousy to our partners if they are talking to someone of the opposite sex. Jealousy can be found in the workplace when a co-worker achieves advancement before you or gets recognition for a project you both worked on. We can also be jealous of our friends and neighbours who have bigger houses, fancier cars or take nicer holidays.

For those who are under the spell of this green-eyed monster, jealousy is a feeling that can affect many other emotions and in turn your decision making ability. It can cause feelings of anxiety and discomfort. Jealousy not only impacts the individuals who feel it, but also those around them. Even if they attempt to conceal their jealousy, it inevitably comes out in the way they treat others and in the long run can ruin relationships.

The fundamental approach to conquering jealousy is understanding the reason behind it. Usually, jealousy comes down to low self-confidence and insecurities. Jealousy is typically caused by internal feelings and not by the actions of those around you, so it’s important to work on your emotions and thoughts to find the root of your insecurities. If you’re jealous of your partner’s relationships with other people is it because someone in your past cheated making it hard for you to trust people? Have you been passed up for promotions at work before, which is now creating an insecurity in your current position? In both these cases it was something from your past that’s causing the current feelings of jealousy. Not all situations are similar and people are all different, although you should always learn from past experiences they may not always repeat themselves.

If you are intent on finding a solution to your jealous tendencies, one option is to visit with a therapist or a hypnotherapist for treatment. With hypnosis or counseling, your counselor will be able to break through the barriers that are preventing you from seeing the positives in a situation. Negative feelings caused by past experiences can create jealous behaviour. They have the ability to delve into the negative blocks that are lodged in your subconscious and ease them out until your free of them. Once you’ve removed your negative thinking you’ll find that you will have fewer insecurities which will have a positive impact of your self-esteem.

With fewer insecurities and higher self-esteem, envious feelings will disappear. Once the green-eyed monster is gone it’s easier to promote healthy and trusting relationships with those around you.

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