Build strong legs–and burn some SERIOUS calories

I hope everyone is set for a great weekend!  We should have wonderful weather, so please make a point to get outside and enjoy a great “extra” workout before our next boot camp workout.  This weekend’s homework workout will not only give you an excellent cardio workout, it is going to improve the strength of your legs.  

I’ve invited a few “visitors” to my blog post today.  They’re considering joining up for the Almaden boot camp, the Los Gatos boot camp or the “Fit and Fabulous” FitCamp in Willow Glen.  Welcome to my blog!  This is where you’ll find additional fitness facts and info, additional workouts, and a place for all lifeSport Fitness boot campers to “congregate”.  Please scroll down and try the “homework” workout along with my current boot campers.  I hope to see you in a November camp!  We’re a fun group of people–give us a try!

For folks in my Los Gatos boot camp, remember that we have our Freaky Fat Loss workout on Thursday, October 30th.  You must bring a 6-12 pound pumpkin (uncarved, please!) to class, as it will be your workout buddy for the entire class :-).  Don’t miss this class!  There might even be some treats………………….
For the “Fit and Fabulous” ladies at the Willow Glen boot camp, please make sure you have ordered your bands.  You’ll need them on the first day of camp. If you haven’t ordered them,  click here   and order a light, medium and heavy “economy tube”.  You’ll get your door straps for free with your purchase.
Finally, registration closes for all November boot camps on Thursday, October 30th.  If you have not already done so, click HERE to register.  
Oh, and don’t forget my November referral bonus!  The camper referring the most friends to a November camp will not only get a 20% discount on December camp tuition, but also a FREE ONE YEAR subscription to an online meal planning and nutrition program!  Woo Hoo!
Okay, on to your weekend workout.  
After a 3-5 minute workout, please do the following:
Walk fast or run for 3 minutes
Perform walking lunges for 1 minute
Walk fast  or run for 3 minutes
Perform body weight squats for one minute (advanced folks, make ’em jump squats)
Walk fast or run for 3 minutes
Perform jumping jacks for 1 minute
Repeat this sequence two times for a 24 minute workout, or 3 times for a killer 36 minute workout.
Remember to stretch and re-hydrate after you cool down.
Committed to your success,