Becky FINALLY has a blog!

Greetings, and welcome to my blog!

I’ve been a fitness pro for a LONG time (since way before Al Gore invented the internet), but I’m a little slow on this technology stuff.  With urging from fellow fitness friends (thanks TIC, and especially BJ Gaddour) I’m hoisting myself of board the technology train.
I’ll be posting here several times a week with ideas, tips (and probably an occasional rant) about weight loss, fitness, my boot camp workouts, nutrition and a host of other stuff all relating to fitness and creating a “fitness lifestyle”.  In my mind, fitness isn’t about a single workout–it’s about lifestyle:  what you eat, the choices you make, the workouts you do, and how you treat and nurture your mind and body.  The whole kit and kaboodle (is kaboodle really a word??).
Here at this blog, I’ll share with you things you can do to live healthier, eat better, work out smarter, and just look and feel your best.  You’re here on this planet, you might as well rock it for all it’s worth and have a good ride, right?  Can’t live life to it’s fullest if you’re sluggish, overweight and out of shape.
Feel free to post questions and  comments here.  I’d like to know what your fitness questions are so that I can make this blog as informative as possible.  If I can’t help, maybe I know someone who can!  I communicate with a lot of cutting edge fitness pros around the country, so we should be able to collaborate to help you get what you need to  feel better, look better and have more energy.
Live well,
This post is dedicated to the memory of my uncle, Alfred R. Williamson:  4/12/23-5/23/08