About those New Year’s resolutions….

Remember way back in January when you vowed that this year would be different?  You’d eat better, exercise more, get a better job or a raise, maybe find your soul mate, perhaps start a new business?  How’s it going?  If  you’re finding that your resolutions have yet to materialize, I have great news!  Check out this website:

This is an amazing opportunity to re-ignite those resolutions and really make them happen between now and the end of the year.  Two fitness colleagues of mine, Jeremy and Alissa Nelms, have brought together over 20 experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, finance and relationships.  Over the next week, Jeremy will be interviewing these experts on how you can successfully lose weight, improve your nutrition, develop deeper and more meaningful relationships and even how to make more money every month!
Jeremy and Alissa really outdid themselves in getting some very top talent in each category. I’ve already signed up to hear the calls, because they’ll be interviewing one of the contributors to the best selling book, “The Secret”,  and two of my favorite Registered Dieticians, Jayson Hunter and Dr. John Berardi. I know those interviews will be jam packed with usable and motivating information.  
The best part is:  all these audio interviews are FREE!  And, you can listen to them at your convenience.  Pick and choose which interviews suit your Mid Year Resolution needs and then watch your email for notification when the experts you want to listen to will be broadcast.
This is an amazing opportunity I hope you won’t pass up!  This could be just what you need to re-focus and re-energize yourself to really get what you want this year, whether it be permanent weight loss, better relationships or more income each and every month.
Log on now to reserve your FREE spot for this one of a kind event!
Yours in health,