Carol M.

Lost 2 pant sizes in 3 months.  Yup, no body cleanses, special foods or drinks; solely going to Becky 2/week for semi-private training sessions. Becky PERSONALIZED my work out routine for MY GOALS, and my body issues/limitations. Becky has a Masters Degree and experience in designing a program that will make you succeed.  I’m no youngster (considered a “senior” in some circles) so losing 2 pant sizes is a big deal for me.  Thank you Becky; could NOT have done this without you!

DeAnna P.

I absolutely adore working with Becky in “buddy” personal training sessions with my friend.  She is so very caring and authentically concerned for my well-being.  I have had knee surgeries on both knees over the past few years, and she has helped me gain my strength back and beyond – I haven’t felt this good in a very long time.  I highly recommend the exquisite services of Becky and lifeSport Fitness.