Carol M.

Lost 2 pant sizes in 3 months.  Yup, no body cleanses, special foods or drinks; solely going to Becky 2/week for semi-private training sessions. Becky PERSONALIZED my work out routine for MY GOALS, and my body issues/limitations. Becky has a Masters Degree and experience in designing a program that will make you succeed.  I’m no youngster (considered a “senior” in some circles) so losing 2 pant sizes is a big deal for me.  Thank you Becky; could NOT have done this without you!

DeAnna P.

I absolutely adore working with Becky in “buddy” personal training sessions with my friend.  She is so very caring and authentically concerned for my well-being.  I have had knee surgeries on both knees over the past few years, and she has helped me gain my strength back and beyond – I haven’t felt this good in a very long time.  I highly recommend the exquisite services of Becky and lifeSport Fitness.

Theresa W.

Becky and Matt are so fun and know their stuff!  I came from another boot camp, but find this one more fun and always challenging!  I love the variety of circuits Becky sets up each day, plus I am impressed that we cover such a wide variety of muscles. My last boot camp did not rotate in back muscles that much and I really appreciate how this strength is improving my lower back health.  Becky is always attentive to thorough stretching as well and I really notice that I am less sore than with previous workouts, largely I am sure to the stretching.  The best part is after just 5 weeks I have really noticed my body tone in areas that the other boot camp did not touch!  I feel great and others are noticing how much trimmer I look!  Thank you Becky and Matt!

Jeanette C.

About three years ago I had a realization that because of genetics alone I was a ticking time bomb.  My mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 40 and had a double by-pass at age 45. High blood pressure is prevalent in my family.  With two young children, I felt compelled to take better care of myself.
After years of failed attempts at gym memberships, I researched online and found lifeSport Fitness.  I tried the one week free trial and was immediately hooked.  It was amazing.  Becky and her team were welcoming and encouraging.  The group of campers is a wide diversity of ages and abilities.  The workouts can be tailored to each individual’s strengths and capabilities with high intensity or low impact as needed.  I have never felt too slow, too weak or too old. Becky’s investment in all her campers is whole body and mind.  You can always ask about specialized exercises to target specific areas of concern and for help with meal plans that assist with weight loss, increased energy & performance.
My results have been amazing.  I am healthy now! I have energy and stamina and am the fittest I have ever been in my life.  I still cannot believe that I am consistently exercising at 6:00 am three times a week!  I am fully committed and I continue to be amazed at all the people in my camp and the multitude of success stories including my own.
Start living a fitness lifestyle

Kenji M.

After attending a session with my wife, I joined Becky’s boot camp full-time three years ago. It is a diverse and challenging workout and she and Matt are inspiring and encouraging instructors. In just 2 months I  dropped body fat and weight, improved my strength, stamina, and energy level, and I am eating healthier than ever using Becky’s meal plans for guidance. As an added bonus, I was able to set a new half marathon personal record  and felt like my mechanics, speed, and recovery time were greatly improved using boot camps as my primary training regimen.