Personal Trainer


San Jose – a true local!


  • Personal trainer through National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Nutrition Educator through Baumann College
  • Solution Focused Coach through Erickson International

Homelife and Hobbies:  

I am married, have three teenagers (13, 16 and 17) and a dog named Lucy. I have all kinds of hobbies from quilting and crafting to bike riding, gardening, and baking. I don’t always have a lot of time for them because of my mom duties as well as my career transitions and leadership coaching practice. 

Favorite exercise:  

I like the barbell bench squat and barbell bench press because they make me feel strong – like a real weightlifter. I also love the ropes when we do cardio.  
Favorite Indulgence Foods:  

There are too many! But my most decadent is a dark chocolate California Brittle from See’s candy. I have a secret stash and when I eat one, I take my time. I thoroughly savor and enjoy it and am always satisfied with just one piece. 
Fun facts about Kimberly:

I’ll share two. First, I ran for public office in 2016 and my name was on the front page of the ballot, just below the presidential nominees of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – very exciting. Second, I was an overweight teen, young adult and lost 50 pounds in my twenties. Through regular exercise and healthier eating, I have kept it off. 

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Kimberly Personal Trainer

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