Head Greeter/Chief Motivator/Studio Security


Somewhere near Sacramento, CA

Home life and Hobbies:

I live in San Jose with my human mom and dad. We take walks in the neighborhood almost every day, and we hike in the hills on weekends. When I’m not walking, my favorite thing to do is nap or go to work with my mom and help supervise our clients to make sure they’re having fun.

Favorite exercise:

Downward Dog (couch surfing is a close second)

Favorite Indulgence Foods:

Whatever Dad is eating.

Fun facts about Cody:

I started my life with a family who realized they didn’t really want me (shocking, I know!). So I stayed alone in the backyard most of the time. A nice person from a rescue organization picked me up one day and took me to their home. One day soon after that, my mom and dad came to Sacramento to meet me. I must have made a good impression, because they took me home that very day. I’ve been part of the family ever since. I live indoors now and only go into the backyard when I want to!

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Coach Cody Head Greeter/Chief Motivator/Studio Security

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