Your lifeSport Fitness team is ready to coach you to success!

You may be wondering who I am, and why you should choose lifeSport Fitness for your fitness needs. So, I’ll give you a little background on myself and why it will impact your results with us.

I’m probably not the typical fitness professional you see around San Jose, or anywhere for that matter. Many fitness business owners are former competitive athletes or “fitness junkies” turned fitness instructor. That’s not exactly me. You wouldn’t find me on any playing field while I was a kid growing up here in San Jose. Actually, I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, but didn’t think I could handle all the math and science at school. So, I headed off to UC Santa Barbara after high school and got a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies. Right about that time, I decided I really DID want to do something in the health industry (needless to say, my dad wasn’t exactly thrilled at this point!). So, I went to graduate school and got a Master’s Degree in kinesiology. Since then I’ve accumulated nearly 30 years in the fitness industry.

I never did apply to medical school, but the neat thing is, I found my niche working with people just like YOU who want to lose weight, get healthier and feel strong, fit and confident. I know how to get you stronger, help you boost your metabolism and how to help you decrease your risk for disease because of all the different experiences and education I had over these last 30 years! Over the years, I’ve worked in corporate fitness facilities, personal training studios, and I even did a 10-year stint at NASA Ames Research Center as a research physiologist where I ran a human research lab. I started my fitness business in the late 80’s as an in-home personal training business (sort of a “side job” while I worked at NASA), and in 1997 I left NASA, expanded my service offerings and changed the company name to lifeSport Fitness.

So, what does this have to do with you and getting yourself in great shape? If you’re looking for a company that has experience at the helm, customer service as a mission, and customer results as a priority, lifeSport Fitness is for you. Although I don’t personally coach every boot camp workout or train every personal training client, rest assured I’m right here developing the programs for you. I work hard to stay abreast of current fitness training research and current best practices in corporate wellness so that I can develop results driven, cutting edge fitness and wellness programming for you.

You see, I’m a life long learner—and that benefits you in the long run. Education and experience matter. It’s what it takes to design the right program for your specific needs. I look for and hire educated, dynamic coaches who can carry out my programs with energy, compassion and professionalism. It’s important to me that we do an excellent job for you. It’s important to me that you know we care. Whether you’re a corporate benefits manager looking to add wellness programming at work, or you’re a stay at home mom wanting to get in shape while your baby naps, we’ll go to great lengths to deliver to you the results you’re looking for.

I imagine it’s pretty obvious that I love what I do and I’m passionate about it!

Our motto at lifeSport Fitness is “Life’s More Fun When You’re Fit”.

How can I help you get fit and have more fun?

I’m always available for questions or comments. Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].

Oh, and if you need a fun, engaging speaker for a health, wellness or exercise seminar— I’m your gal!

Committed to your success,

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Becky Williamson, M.S. President and founder of lifeSport Fitness


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