This San Jose Coach Does Personal Training Differently!

When you think of “personal training”, what do you think of? One client, one trainer and a high price tag? Well, think again because this San Jose Coach does personal training differently!


The concept of personal training has changed a lot over the years.

Personal Training in the Past

Ten or twenty years ago, a personal trainer was someone at a big box gym who walked the floor looking for people who’d be willing to spend extra money to basically have their workout supervised.


A personal training session was basically an appointment where you had someone tell you what exercises to do and what order to do them, who pretty much thought it up on the fly (or directed you to the next machine that was available). That doesn’t sound very personal to me. Does it to you??

Personal Training Now

Two things have changed in the last 10-15 years that I believe have completely changed the personal training experience (and the amount of money one spends for it!): 1) Program design and 2) The “Semi-Private Training” model

Program Design

With program design”, an experienced coach writes out a program of exercises based on your goals (sets, reps and resistance). They then set up that program as a series of sessions over a period of time (typical time frames are 4-12 weeks). 

Each week, the resistance or repetitions change as the coach works to progress the client to more challenging work using the same exercises (which the client gets VERY good at executing, by the way!). 


Program design can be a time consuming approach for the coach, but the results to the client can be phenomenal! Creating a planned, step-wise approach to getting stronger, toning up muscles, or losing body fat is an exceptional way to train someone to get results as opposed to random workouts every week.


I switched to “program design” about 14 years ago and have never looked back. Yes — it does take me more time to write 4-6 week program plans for each client, but WOW. Just WOW. They provide much better results for the client.

Semi-Private Training

And what is Semi-Private Training, you ask? Well, it’s not 4 people going into a studio and doing the workout of the day together. AND it’s not doing whatever is written on the white board (or at least it’s not here at lifeSport Fitness).


In a nutshell — A Semi-Private Training model provides a person with all that 1-on-1 Private Personal Training provides, without the price tag of 1-on-1 training. Clients come to people like me for accountability, a plan that is appropriate for them, proper cueing/feedback on form, and safety (many of our clients come to us after getting injured in larger group workouts).


I test drove a Semi-Private Training model about 10 years ago with a few beta testers. I honestly didn’t think they’d like it or even that I would like it. But, they LOVED it, and I found that I could coach up to 4 people at a time on completely different programs. The coolest part (aside from happy clients) was the energy and camaraderie the 4 people created. Not only did they love the group setting, they also loved the 40% drop in price from our 1-on-1 personal training ;-).

​ ​If you are struggling to get the fitness results you want and you have not experienced the difference of “Program Design” (as opposed to random workouts that might not even be appropriate for you) nor have you tried a lower cost Semi-Private Personal Training model — I encourage you to consider it!


Yes — personal training has changed a lot compared to what it was 15 years ago. In fact, I’d say it’s a lot better. But, not every gym or trainer is up with the times. Luckily, this San Jose coach does personal training differently! LifeSport Fitness uses a modern approach that has proven time and time again over the past 14 years to be the most beneficial to our clients!

If you are interested in learning more out Personal Training at lifeSport Fitness, click here!

Committed to your success,


Coach Becky

Getting the Most From Your Personal Trainer in San Jose

Selecting a Personal Trainer in  San JoseAre you thinking of  hiring a personal trainer to help you lose unwanted fat or improve your fitness? Working with a personal trainer, even if only for a few sessions to get you started, is a great way to achieve goals that can be pretty tough to achieve on your own. The right fitness coach can guide your efforts safely and effectively and re-design your program as your body evolves.  How many successful business owners and athletes do you know that have coaches to propel them further in their business or sport?   Many successful business owners and athletes have solid coaching behind them.  Why shouldn’t YOU have a fitness coach to achieve your goals?

One of the most important things to do at the start is  select the right personal trainer for the job.  The personal training situation is just that—personal.  Make sure that you pick a personal trainer with whom you feel comfortable.  Having a good rapport and good communication with your coach is vital.

Another important aspect when choosing a personal trainer is experience and education.  I’ll be honest, though,  I’ve been a personal trainer in San Jose for many, many years, and only a few people have asked for my credentials when I interview them.  Experience has made me a better trainer, but a formal education in kinesiology was a great foundation.  I don’t think a college degree is necessary to be a great trainer, but I do believe it’s a great foundation.

Before signing on with a personal trainer, interview them a bit and ask questions.   Find out if you’d be comfortable with this person for 2-3 hours a week.  Find out if they’ve worked with people like you before.  Some trainers specialize in certain types of clients (e.g., women only, seniors, high level athletes, figure competitors, etc).  The more they’ve worked with people like YOU, the better they will be able to help you get results.

Once you’ve decided on the personal trainer that fits your needs the most, have a frank discussion with him or her about your goals. This is the only way to ensure that you get the most appropriate training. The more specific your goals, the more specific your training program can be.

Once your training with your new coach has started, make sure that you are doing all that is required of you outside of your coached sessions.  In order to see results you may need to exercise outside of your personal training sessions.  You may need to modify your eating habits or your sleep habits.  Be fully transparent with your trainer regarding your food intake, additional exercise and hydration outside of your personal training sessions. Hydration and rest are exceedingly important because they help the muscles rest after the exercise.

As you can see, getting the most from  your personal trainer isn’t just about the workout he/she gives you.  It’s about what you do the other 165+ hours a week outside of your sessions 😉

Here’s an easy check list to follow as you begin your search for a personal trainer in San Jose:

  1. Establish what you want a personal trainer for. Healthy weight loss, building muscle mass, or becoming a faster runner will all require different expertise.
  2. Interview potential trainers to make sure you connect well and have good rapport before signing on with someone
  3. Find out if a trainer has the right qualifications and experience to help you with your specific goals 
  4. Make sure a trainer you’re interested in is available during the timeframe that is convenient for you to work out.
  5. Ask for references
  6. Be very specific when communicating your goals
  7. Ask about rates, cancellation policies and any contracts that might need to be signed

 If you’re interested in interviewing lifeSport Fitness to see if we’re a good match, please give us a call at 408-265-1540 to set up a complimentary consultation!

We currently offer on-site/in-home personal training in most areas of San Jose (Willow Glen, Cambrian and Almaden), and 8-week small group training programs in the Cambrian area of San Jose.