Getting an Organized Kitchen

The kitchen is one part of the house that is prone to clutter and mess, as a lot of activities are done in this particular room. Organizing your kitchen and keeping it clean will help with organizing your life. Divide your kitchen into different zones and keep ‘like’ items together. Try these tips to get the organized kitchen you need.

  1. To inspire you to organize your kitchen and remove all the clutter found in it, find magazines and web resources where you can find ideas on how you want your kitchen to be organized. Sometimes we just need to see some clutter-free and well-organized kitchens to keep us motivated to the task. Visualizing the organization you want for your kitchen is helpful too.
  2. Set a time only for organizing your kitchen. As the kitchen involves many items for organizing, it is helpful to set a particular time for this task alone. This way, you will not leave the task unfinished.
  3. Sort out items in the kitchen that are not usable anymore. Get rid of things that do not serve their purpose anymore, or those things that have already broken (i.e. pots and pans without handles, containers that don’t have lids, etc.). You can take this time to clean your refrigerator from stale items as well.
  4. Organize your kitchen food items into types. You may want to put all spices in one place and canned goods in another. If you are using identical containers, you may want to label foods as well.
  5. Keep those frequently used items within reach. When organizing your kitchen, it helps a lot in placing those pots, pans and utensils that are frequently used together and nearby. Put those less used items on the higher or hard to reach areas of your kitchen cabinets.
  6. Drawer dividers will help you separate groups of utensils from one another. This will eliminate the junky looking utensil drawer and allow you to quickly find what you need.

Take the time to do a little planning before you get started reorganizing. Think about what you do and where in the kitchen and keep things near the areas you will be using them. And stick to putting things back in their new home. Keep the kitchen from going back to the cluttered mess it once was.

Organizing your own kitchen space can make your life easier and less stressful. Assigning a work area and spot for everything will help you discover what you are looking for as it’s needed, thus saving you time and energy. Having a clean and efficiently organized kitchen will allow you to work and move more efficiently in your kitchen giving you better use out of your space.

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