Good Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. But it is true. In order to get the day off right, you need to kick start your body with energy. Studies have suggested that breakfast is perhaps the single most important meal of the day as everything else that follows builds on it. You’ve just gone approximately 8 hours without a meal. Breakfast provides the body with the energy to get going in the mornings. With the right ingredients, breakfast can help you achieve your health needs for the day. Yet, it is always the meal that is overlooked and ignored due to the morning rush to get out the door and to work or school.

Having a balanced breakfast that consists of 500 calories is a must. This will ensure that your body is satisfied enough to start your day and replenish what is lost during sleep. It should also include sufficient protein to nourish and build your muscles. Carbohydrates must also be enough to provide you energy to get you to lunch.

Having a cereal as part of your breakfast is a beneficial choice. The cereals available today are a lot healthier than those years ago. They contain added whole grains, calcium and vitamin D. They are intentionally made to have reduced sugar as well as lower amounts of calories. Electing to eat a good cereal in the morning allows you to consume less fat, less cholesterol and more fiber. As a result, improving your nutrient content in your body.

A high protein breakfast is also important for giving you energy and helping with weight loss. Extra protein at breakfast will help you feel fuller, longer preventing mindless snacking before lunch. This is because high protein foods take you longer to digest. The stomach empties more slowly and you will feel fuller longer and get hungrier later. Eating protein at breakfast will also reduce food cravings.

Here are some good breakfast ideas for a rushed morning:

  • Peanut butter and a banana
  • Almond butter and an apple
  • Low sugar protein bar
  • Protein smoothie with fruit and yogurt
  • Hardboiled egg and an orange
  • Greek yogurt, no sugar added
  • Turkey bacon and a pear

Breakfast can be seen to be related to your mood for the day. In studies, it was shown that breakfast eaters were more sociable, more alert, happier, better memory and cognitive function when comparison to those who remain hungry in the mornings. Studies of children who ate breakfast daily showed that these kids performed better at school, had better grades and had less tardiness and absenteeism from school.

If you begin your day with a nourishing and satisfying breakfast, you will be less likely to eat between meals and, in particular, to be drawn to high calorie, high sugar foods for energy. Breakfast is not only for those aiming to lose weight, it is vital for good health in general. In fact, eating breakfast is critical in preventing heart disease, avoiding obesity, and staving off diabetes.

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