Fitness Habits To Feel More Like 20 When You’re 60

Whether you’re in your twenties yourself or you are raising kids, it’s important to instill good fitness habits at this age as they will greatly improve chances of being healthy and fit later on in life. This sounds logical, but it is also based on research, where early twenty somethings were studied, and the ones who practiced good fitness habits were healthier later on in life. It doesn’t require that you go to the gym seven days a week, it just requires that you create a lifestyle that incorporates a few habits suggested by accredited fitness experts.


Both before and after you lift, run, jog, swim or do aerobics, you should stretch for three to five minutes. Stretch slowly, and breathe through the stretches.

Incorporate Weights Into Your Workout

This will give you strength, relieve stress and protect you from getting diabetes.

Don’t Plateau

This often happens with runners. You have to switch it up. Run some days, walk, jog or power walk other days, and hike swim or go to the gym in between.

Drink More Water

Caffeinated beverages don’t count. A fun strategy is to try having a glass of water every time you visit one of your social sites except you might end up drinking too much water. The goal is eight tall glasses of water a day.

Learn Proper Form

If you don’t, then you won’t get the full benefit of your workout, and you could injure yourself.

Rotate Running Shoes

Here it goes. You have just been handed a ticket to shop for and own multiple pairs of shoes. Why? Because it’s actual beneficial to your feet, ankles, and legs to rotate between your running shoes as long as they are all high quality shoes created for running. This is based on studies, where those who rotated shoes experienced less injuries related to running. So go out and shop for shoes that go with your running outfits or track suits.

Eat Post Workout

This is important to insure you have energy to function and that your muscles can fully benefit from the workout you just gave them. Your snack should include healthy sources of carbs and protein, such as a banana and a glass of milk or a handful of raisins and peanuts in their skins or a glass of low-fat chocolate milk.

Try all of The Exercise and Dance Classes Your Gym Offers

This will do one or two things. For one, you won’t get bored. If you have ever gone to a certain fitness class for a while, and it got to a point where half way through the class you just weren’t looking forward to the next thirty minutes, then rotating classes will keep you engaged and on your toes. Also, after checking out all of the different classes, you may just find a couple that you get hooked on, and these can ensure you stay in shape for the rest of your life.

Make Fitness a Part of Your Life

Look at fitting your fitness routine in just like making sure you eat a balanced meal. In fact, if you go out once or twice a week for dinner or lunch, set it up so that you workout, shower and get dressed up for your dine out. On other days, you can set it up so that you meet with friends to do something physically exerting such as hiking, working out at the gym or going swimming. However, and this really should have its own paragraph, one of the most important fitness habits is that you don’t wait for others to exercise, always plan to exercise by yourself, and if your friends join you, then consider it as an added bonus.

Protect Your Posture

Maintain your posture through a few yoga poses while stretching or a pilates routine a few days a week.

Have Rest Days

On these days, you can do something totally different like walking when you spent the day before doing aerobics or weight training. Swimming is another thing you can do on a day when you don’t go to the gym or go hiking.

Listen to Your Body

Always pay attention to new exercises and activities you start and stop and what your daily diet consists of. This will make it easier to pinpoint changes in how you feel or why you have gained or lost weight.

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Gym Time

How can you get the most of out of your gym experience when the only time you can get there is the busiest time? Trying to complete a workout in a busy gym can be intimidating, confusing, and frustrating.

  1. Don’t fall into the routine trap. The trick is to be able to recognize the alternatives available to you and understanding the purpose of each exercise. When you know why you are using the exercises you use you will be able to find other options to help you get to your goals. For example, if the rower you normally use is busy try using the treadmill.
  2. Make the most of dumbbells. Dumbbells take up less space and offer you more flexibility. Plus, even in a busy gym, there are always some available.
  3. Stand to do it. Don’t waste time waiting for a bench to become free. Stand to do the work out and get exercise options and angles you won’t get sitting down. Standing will work more of your body since you have to work your core and support muscles to hold you in place while you perform the exercise.
  4. Body Weight Exercises. Body weight exercises are a great way to still work out in a crowded gym. Try pull ups and dips while you may be waiting for another piece of equipment to become free.

    If you are using a machine and MUST leave it for a minute to come back to it, leave a marker. Signify that your machine or equipment is still in use. However, try to make sure you stay on the machine when possible for the whole duration of use. That will eliminate any misunderstandings of the machine being available. While you’re busy working on one piece of equipment, plan your next move. Look around the gym and take note on what is or looks like it will be coming available. This way you won’t waste time and let that heart rate slip while you stand around waiting for your next move. It is also helpful to get to know other members and trainers in the gym. You can then feel more comfortable sharing equipment.

    There are many workout options you can try in between stations or while waiting for a machine. Try some of the following:

    • Wide squat – 10 reps
    • Chin ups – 8 reps
    • Step ups – 10 reps per leg
    • Barbell rows – 10 reps
    • Side Plank – 8 reps per side hold for 10 seconds each
    • Balance Ball Rollout – 20 reps

    Think outside the box when it comes to your workout. A crowded gym can be an opportunity to vary your workout. A trainer is a good way to get your work out going during a busy gym time. They have programs built based on equipment available and know what would be a great substitute when you can’t get on the machine you need.

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