Stop Wishing and Get Working on a Tighter Butt

If you’re like most people, now that summer is finally here you’re probably thinking you should have spent more time at the gym this winter. This may be especially true for anyone who heads to the beach on weekends or lounges poolside during the summer months and wishes they had a firmer butt to show off their new swim suit.

Although wishing won’t get you the shapelier butt you’re longing for, there are a few great butt-firming exercises that are almost that simple.


Squats are one of the simplest exercises to perform, but there’s no denying they will work your glutes from all sides.

Start out in a standing position with your toes facing forward and your feet about shoulders’ width apart.

To perform the squat, hold your upper body as vertical as possible and press your heels into the ground as you gradually bend at the knees. It should look as though you’re cautiously sitting down. As you lower yourself into the squat, aim for getting your legs to a 90-degree bend, but don’t let your knees extend past the tips of your toes.

Return to the starting position by pushing your heels into the ground again and using the same slow and controlled movement to straighten your knees.

Do two sets of 10 – 20, depending on your ability.

Stationary lunge

The stationary lunge is an easy but effective way to lift sagging butt muscles.

Start out in a standing position with your arms at your sides and your feet together.

To perform the lunge, hold your upper body as vertical as possible and step forward with your left foot. As your left heel hits the ground, slowly bend your knee to a 90-degree angle as you lower your torso. But be sure your knee doesn’t extend beyond your ankle. Your right leg should now be extended out behind you with your right heel slightly off the ground.

Return to the starting position by pushing your left heel into the ground and straightening your knee as you bring your feet back together.

Do 10 – 15 reps, either by alternating sides or completing an entire set with one leg at a time.

Hydrant lift and side extension

The hydrant lift and side extension will give your butt that firmness you’re looking for.

Start out on all fours with your arms bent so that your knees and elbows are on the ground.

To perform the hydrant lift and side extension, keep your torso parallel to the ground and knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Keeping your leg at a 90-degree angle, slowly pivot your hip, raising your left knee toward the ceiling until it is parallel with the ground.

From this position, straighten your knee and extend your left leg out to the side.

Return to the starting position by bending your knee and lowering your leg back to the ground.

Do two sets of 15 – 20 on each side.

Glute kickback

The glute kickback is another way to give your butt an extra lift.

Start out on all fours, with your arms bent so that your knees and elbows are on the ground.

To perform the glute kickback, keep your torso parallel to the ground and slowly extend your left leg out behind you. Flex your foot and keep your leg straight as you raise your leg toward the ceiling. Be sure to squeeze your glutes and pause when your leg is parallel with your torso.

Return to the starting position by steadily lowering your straight leg to the ground and then bending your knee to pull your leg forward.

Do two sets of 15 – 20 on each side.

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Your backside is usually a point of fascination for the opposite sex and most likely, you have your your share of self-examination in a new pair of jeans. It is practically a worldwide activity and if you need to attract, you need to develop well-rounded buttocks by having a good set of glute exercises. There is such a great demand for glute exercises and moves that entire magazines have been dedicated to them. Glute moves are what everyone is crying out for. The gluteus maximus or glutes for short is the bum muscle. It is also the largest muscle in the body. Everyone wants a ‘toned’ bum but not many people know really how to work the glues. What moves are readily available for improving your glutes?

Forget about your long cardio workouts because they don’t do too much for muscle growth. Intensity and resistance are what makes the muscles grow. Brisk walking on a treadmill with incline to add some resistance is a great way to work out your butt muscles. If running on a treadmill has been your classic cardio workout then you can modify it with high intensity interval training.

Instead of light running for 30-60 minutes, you have to run in intervals that range from 5-10 minutes of jogging, and sprinting from 30-60 seconds. After sprinting slow down to a walking speed and slowly boost your intensity until you reach sprinting speed again.

Exercises to Improve Your Glutes

  • Glute Kickback – This is a good starting place for glute exercise and you’re able to do utilizing solely your body weight.
  • Sideway Squats – This is a variance of the squat which I find effective during my workouts. What you do is stand with both feet close together, take a big step to the right with your right leg and squat down, bending both knees together. As you rise, bring your left foot over to stand next to your right. Repeat the exercise but this time take a big step to your left with that leg. You can hold a dumbbell in both hands at the front of your body to add resistance to this exercise.
  • Swiss Ball Squats – This sort of squat is carried out with a Swiss ball against your back and against the wall. As you squat the Swiss ball will roll down with you against the wall. This is also a wonderful variation if you are a beginner.
  • Flutter Kicks – Favored by females since it involves no weight lifting, this kind of activity is a fantastic way to start building your glutes. You’ll find it an excellent option for beginners as you only work with your weight however that is no reason to underestimate it. The major muscles usually tend to fatigue very quickly therefore you will end up in sweats if you execute a couple of sets!
  • Backward lunges – This is an outstanding lower body exercise and it works your legs completely, not just your glutes. To do a backward lunge, all you need to do is to stand straight with both feet close together, take a step back with one leg and bend your front knee to a 90 degree angle. Your body should remain upright so you descend toward the ground with your back straight and eyes looking forward. You can keep your arms straight at your side, or place them on your hips.

Add in glute moves to your workout program 2 to 3 times a week for best results. Make sure that you adapt your nutrition with your muscle growth plan.

Your body needs food and calories so it can grow and low calorie diet will only have negative effect, and your muscles will start shrinking. The key to creating a backside you can be proud to show-off is consistency. You probably won’t create an award-winning butt in a week, but with consistent effort and determination, you should see some fantastic results within a month or two.

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