Calm Takeoff

There are a few tips to help you get over the fear of flying and to help you to arrive at an airport calm, relaxed and more excited than fearful of your flight. Flight phobia doesn’t start as you enter the airplane; it starts, sometimes even prior to booking the holiday. It might surprise you to find out that although you might attach practicalities or what you may perceive as true danger to the whole experience, what you probably fear more than anything else is the fear itself…the anxiety that seems to always come when you fly. Flight phobias are more common than you would think and while there are tips to help you get over the fear of flying, the core issue is the anxiety itself, not the flight.

If you want to overcome the fear of flying, or any other type of anxiety or phobia, then you must be prepared with a list of actions you can immediately take to help you cope. Next time you are experiencing the crippling effects of a panic attack, try these three techniques for fast relief:

  1. Tell yourself that you will be ok. Remind yourself you always get through your panic and phobia systems and this situation will be no different.
  2. Ask yourself what you are most afraid of in that moment and narrow it down. By identifying your true fears, you can exercise some conscious control over them.
  3. Justify your own fear to yourself without constricting yourself. We tend to panic when we don’t allow ourselves to be upset. It is ok to be nervous. Say to yourself, “I’m allowed to be scared” – give yourself permission. It will release you from undue tension.
  4. Get involved in an activity you enjoy. Distract yourself. Try music or a movie.

When you think about it, your fear when you’re on an airplane is all a mind game. There’s nothing physically dangerous going on. It’s your imagination of what might go wrong that does you in. For whatever reason, most people who are afraid to fly have no problem at all getting on a bus. Visualize and imagine being on a bus rather than a plane. You can think of turbulence as a bumpy road. This simple reframing can be a tremendous help.

These tips will go a long way toward helping you stay relaxed in the air. If however, your fear of flying is severe you may need more help. Seek professional help to aid in working out your fear.

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