Exercise Widow

There are plenty of women out there who have become ‘exercise widows’. This is because they feel as though their partners are spending too much time out there getting fit instead of spending time at home with the family. This is going to cause a number of problems in the relationship. Thankfully though, there are various ways that you can cope if you believe that you are an exercise widow.

Firstly, tell your partner how you actually feel about them exercising a lot. More often than not, they do not realize what they are doing and will be more than happy to spend some time with you. It is absolutely vital that you do not actually tell them to stop exercising. This is unfair. Just tell them that you miss them. You could talk to them about setting aside a day a week where you two can spend time together.

One of the best tips is to workout together with your partner. You do not need to do it every time, but every once in a while may help. A number of studies have shown that those who exercise with their partners are much more likely to stick to their exercise regime. In addition to this, those that exercise with their partners are much more likely to enjoy a good sex life! Crazy right? Talk to your spouse and see if there is a time of week where you can plan to exercise together. If they do not wish to exercise with you then find out why. There may be a deeper problem with your relationship.

Of course, there will be times when they will need to exercise, and you cannot go with them every time right? In these cases, one of the best things to do is to find your own hobby. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to find something that interests you and that you’ll enjoy. Remember, you do not need to spend every waking moment with them.

Spending time exercising with your partner or keeping busy with your own hobbies are great ways to overcome being an exercise widow. Instead of fighting with your partner or trying to get them to cut back or stop exercising, work out a plan with your partner to create a better balance.

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