Breaking Through The Wall

We have all been there, you are deep into your workout, and suddenly you hit that wall. Your muscles are tired and you want to do nothing more than quit. This is the very point at which many people give up on their exercise, and yet, it is also at the point that you are going to get the most benefit from exercise if you just persevere. Listening to just a few tips however, will ensure that you break through that wall and continue pushing your body to your limits.

One thing that many athletes have noticed is that playing ‘upbeat’ music helps them break through that fatigue wall. This will benefit you both during indoor workouts and outdoor ones. Just grab a pair of headphones, stick on your music player and listen away through your workout. There is just something about the music that makes our body tick. Don’t listen to ‘slow’ music, this has the opposite effect and could quite easily bring you to that wall much quicker. I guess this works as the ‘upbeat’ music allows your mind to focus on something else.

If you feel that you are about to hit that wall, then look around you, admire the scenery or the other things in the gym (although if you are lifting weights, try not to look around too much). This, like the music will provide distraction from what your body is feeling at the current time. Therefore allowing you to complete your workout that much quicker.

The majority of times that we hit ‘the wall’ is because we see no end in sight to our workout. If that is the case, you are best breaking your workout into mini goals. Keep working towards these ‘mini goals’ before you set the next one, you will have completed your workout before you know it.

You should always provide motivation for yourself. Make a mental note to yourself that if you complete your workout session, you will reward yourself with something highly desirable. You will be surprised at just how much of an effect this has on your entire body, it really will perk up and keep going until the very end.

Sometimes, you have hit the wall quickly because you started a little bit too intense. If that is the case, then cut back just a little until you regain your composure. Then slowly work your way up to the point that you were at before.

If you simply cannot break that mental block and you are in too much pain then stop. This is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. You can always restart again when you feel slightly better. Remember, although we all like to push our bodies to the ‘limit’ at times, often when we do, our body won’t want to go any further. Continuing could end up being very dangerous.

I hope these tips are useful for you when if you reach that wall, or even before you reach it. Remember, you just have to fight against your mind, and persevere, you will get there in the end – I promise.

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