Here’s How You Can Burn More Calories Per Workout!

Grab your mp3 during your cardio workouts and crank up the tunes!  Yep, that’s right.  Music may help you burn more calories when  during cardio workouts (or interval cardio workouts, if you’re a follower of my recommendations).  A recent study has shown that when exercisers listened to up-tempo music they worked out at a harder intensity and burned more calories.  So, if you’re not currently listening to music during your workouts, try some high octane,  up-tempo music during your next cardio workout.

Thanks to everyone who turned in an evaluation form at camp last month.  Seems you guys want some more music variety.  Truth be told, I was told by my Willow Glen campers this morning (my “Fit and  Fabulous over 40 ” group) that I’ve gotta quit it with the oldies!  Ok, Ok, I’ve heard ya.  I’ll be bustin’ out the rap music on Thursday ;-).

So, campers, what DO you want to hear at  your camp???  Jackie and I will be happy to make custom playlists of the stuff you want to hear—but you need to let us know what  you want!  So, let’s hear it here in the comments section.  What specific songs?  Specific artists?  Music genres? 

Leave a comment in the comment section located below and give us your music ideas.  

Let’s burn some serious calories this month at camp!

Committed to your success,