Exercise During Cancer Treatment: Exploring the Benefits

Physicians believe that exercise can benefit cancer patientsMany thanks to  Sydney Simmons of MesotheliomaSymptoms.com for this guest post on the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment.


For  a healthy individual, exercise can provide both physical and emotional benefits. However, for those with cancer, taking part in high intensity fitness programs can often be overwhelming.

Even if heavy exercise is contraindicated for a very ill patient, with their doctor’s approval they may be able to consider a lower intensity exercise program for the psychological benefits a regular fitness regimen can provide.  Lower intensity exercise might include walking, light bike rides, and light strength training.

The exercise level that is appropriate for a particular person battling cancer often coincides with the stage of cancer a patient is in. In stages one and two, patients are likely to have greater strength and stamina than if they are in a later stage of cancer. For example, mesothelioma cancer patients have a staging system which goes from one to four. Patients who are in stages one and two can often be found partaking in regular routines of exercise and fitness because it helps them feel better and withstand the rigors of treatment better.

Besides allowing them to maintain some level of their fitness during treatment, many cancer  patients find that regular, gentle exercise can help cut down on the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  Chemotherapy and radiation can often limit the body’s flexibility and bring on nausea and other unpleasant  symptoms. Yoga has been found to not only help cancer patients maintain better flexibility, but also to improve their mental well-being. Time spent exercising can positively affect the mental state by allowing time for reflection, and time away from the hospital, testing, and meeting with doctors.

Certainly physical fitness can bring great value to everyone. For cancer patients, it can play a very special roll in improving stamina during treatment as well as improving mental and emotional outlook.



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