Quickie Dates with your Spouse

When you first meet your partner, you will go on dates and enjoy each others company. However, many couples make the mistake of stopping dating once they settle into marriage or a civil union. . Often kids or work commitments mean that it is near impossible to go on dates, but quickie dates with your spouse to stay connected when life gets busy are essential for a happy and healthy relationship.

One part of dating is making sure that you still appreciate your partner and that you give them the attention they deserve. Quickie dates are a tried and tested method by marriage counsellors all over the world simply because they work. Once you are married, if you let the spontaneity leave your marriage, then it will soon become stagnant. It doesn’t matter whether you have full time jobs or 5 kids; you still need time alone with your partner, and not necessarily in bed!

Quickie dates don’t need to be expensive or complex to set up; all you need is some inspiration and you can get this by thinking back to when you were dating. If you loved to have a picnic together, find a lunch time where you can have a quick bite to eat together in the park. If you loved to go to the movies together, try to find the time to go and see a movie together.

Quick dates are sworn by so many married couples as a way to add the spark back into a stale relationship. When all your life consists of is work, home and the children, it will be normal that you will start to feel like an old married couple. But, stop and think about the things your spouse loved when you first met, and find ways to recreate them to bring the spark back into your life.

The whole idea of quickie dates is that they don’t need to take up a lot of time. If date night is out of the question due to work commitments or children, find a time when you are alone without the kids, even if it is when they are in bed, and give your partner your undivided attention. If going to the movies is impossible, try sitting down to watch a film together after your children have gone to bed, with a bowl of home made popcorn.

What you need to remember is that your quickie dates require 100% of your attention and this means leaving your smart phone alone. In fact, the perfect quickie date will involve nothing more than you and your partner and something that you enjoy together such as eating ice cream or giving each other a back rub. Avoid distractions, turn off the television and dim the lights to set a romantic scene.

Quickie dates with your spouse to stay connected when life gets busy are all about taking time out to appreciate your spouse and spend some quality time together where you can enjoy each others company and help keep your relationship young. Whether you love eating strawberries or love to debate about a book, there is a quickie date that is perfect for you.

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Going In Blind

So, much to your disdain, your best friend (or maybe your enemy) has set you up on a blind date. As much as you were initially reluctant you are now willing to go along with it. After all, what is the worst that can happen? Now you want to know how you can get through that date! Trust me, it is much easier than it seems.

Perhaps the best tip to give to make sure that you get in touch with your blind date beforehand. It doesn’t matter whether it is through e-mail or the telephone (or even Facebook). Just let them know that you want to set up a date. Have a little talk with them and decide where and when they should meet you. You could of course let your friend set you up on the day instead, but you do want to be a little bit prepared right?

Perhaps the best thing you can do is dress for the occasion. If you are planning to go out for a meal then try to dress up nicely. Remember, the way in which you dress is likely to be the first Impression that your date gets of you. Therefore make sure that you dress to impress! Try to arrive at least five minutes early for your date too. This again will give good first impression.

A good tip before you arrive on the date is to not set your expectations too high. If you set them too high then it is likely that you will get shot down, even if the person you are meeting is the nicest person in the world. Don’t go in with low expectations either. Instead plan meet them with the intention of having fun as opposed to hooking up and getting married.

During the date you should try to appear friendly and smile at all times. You don’t want the date to be all about you (that will be boring for the other person). Try to ask a few questions. Get to know them a little better. Answer any questions that they ask you honestly. Avoid questions that are too personal on a first date. Just try to keep the conversation light and go with the flow.

At the end of the date, if you want to meet them again you should let them know. If you don’t, do not mention anything of the sort. You don’t want your friendship to be ruined with whoever set you up just because you dragged the relationship out far too long and hurt somebody.

A blind date isn’t that much different from any other date, so prepare the same way. With the increase in social media usage you’ll even be able to do a little research before your date. First dates should always be held in a public place and always let a friend or family member know where you’re going. It’s also advisable to meet you date at the location instead of having them pick you up.

Be safe, have fun and relax. Even a bad date is a learning experience.

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Your Genetic Match

People have various interpretations of what a perfect match is. Some think it’s someone with whom they’re attracted to sexually. Some think it’s someone who makes their heart pound. Some think it’s someone they like spending time with. All of those things are true of your perfect match, but it’s a lot more than that. You’ll be compatible in a number of ways and that will make your relationship all the better. But could science help you find your perfect match?

Recently, a company stated DNA tests may help you find a match. What’s on your checklist? Tall, dark, comical, wealthy, brains or brawn? The answer to true love could be in your genes. A Genetic test claims to measure how compatible two people are by comparing their immune system genes.

Single and 35, Angie Paradiso has gone on plenty of dates and is on a mission to find her perfect match. She agreed to put it to the test with her current flame, Stewart. After a series of measures, such as level of attraction, proportion of attraction and even the probability of a successful pregnancy, Angie and Stewart scored an overall 80% in compatibility.

According to experts, our bodies feel the variations between our immune systems and other people’s immune systems, and we are naturally attracted to people with genes that vary to our own. The biological reason for that is more gene diversity ensures better resistance to disease, which is another way of saying opposites really do attract.

DNA in the human body is likened to the magnetic poles. Mutual attraction when finding a partner, and if there is a sense of compatibility, a strong attraction to each other. One study shows that females who are genetically similar to their partners reported that they were less satisfied sexually and sought more new sex partners than women who had greater dissimilarity with their partners… while another study shows that romantic love deflects attention away from potential new partners, perhaps indicating that non-genetic conditions can trump genetic ones.

That means that when we were teenagers and we said things like, “I can’t help who I like,” we were right. DNA can do more then determine who your parents are and aren’t. DNA can tell scientist who your soul mate is and isn’t? Why choose anyone? Why not revert to previous times, only now pre-arranged marriage is just a cheek swab away.

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