Caffeine Does Have Its Benefits

The benefits of caffeine and coffee are more than just helping you stay awake in class or during that boring business meeting. And, you don’t always have to drink something to get the benefits of caffeine. The most obvious health benefit as already noted is that it acts as a stimulant, improving thought processes, wakefulness, focus and condition, especially in sleep-deprived states. This systemic stimulation of the body can also increase metabolism and willingness to carry out activities.

Caffeine is also associated with a decreased risk of developing cancer. In particular, moderate regular coffee consumption appears to help prevent liver, endometrial, and colorectal cancer. Coffee may also aid in the prevention of liver cirrhosis. Along with anesthetics, coffee is some time prescribed to help with pain relief.

Caffeine can also aid in treating certain disorders such as anxiety, depression, and panic disorders.

A little more recently there have been reports of people benefiting from caffeine intake. Approximately three to five cups of coffee per day showed a reduction of type 2 diabetes, liver disease, gout, Parkinson’s disease, and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Caffeine taken daily through coffee or powder, can even help improve a person’s memory retention and increase attention span as well. Recent studies have shown a reduction of strokes in middle-aged women and older as well. This study done by Swedish researchers found that women who drank one or more cups of coffee a day were less likely to have a stroke compared to those who did not.

Caffeine is actually a well used ingredient in many skin care products. And coffee can be a great product to actually apply to the skin. Coffee or caffeine when it is applied to the skin operates as an antioxidant, vasoconstrictor and diuretic as well. Coffee works as a great exfoliator to help you get rid of your dead skin. By applying it directly to your skin and rubbing the granules gently, your skin will feel baby soft.

Coffee grinds have three times more antioxidant power that help reduce premature aging signs, hyper pigmentation, skin wrinkles, brown spots on skin and appearance of lines. Coffee is full of antioxidants that act as a vasodilator to heal your skin problems. It was previously believed that drinking too much caffeine will affect your skin by taking all the moisture from your skin because caffeine dehydrates fat cells that result in vacating the potassium and sodium component of the skin cells. But if you take coffee in moderation, those antioxidants will work to fight against free redicals that cause skin cancer. Studies have shown that coffee inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells in the body.

Coffee is also found in many skin care products including body scrubs, lotions, creams and perfumes and is used for its ability to reduce cellulite in the body. Coffee is also used in sunscreen lotion and creams as it contains sunblock effects. The caffeine that is present in the skin care products help also to reduce the redness in your skin. Caffeine tightens and firms the surface of your skin and improves your skin tone and complexion. Coffee improves the micro cellular flow in your body. It frees your skin from different radicals that causes acne, eczema and skin cancer. Coffee is also a known odor neutralizer and can absorb strong odors, like fish.

Coffee can also make your hair look great. It improves your hair and minimizes hair loss. Coffee includes rich antioxidant contents that can repair the damaged hairs and prevent hair breakage. It helps to make hair look smooth and shiny.

As in all cases, too much of something is never a good thing. It is stressed that with moderation, caffeine has many positive effects on our bodies. A safe, healthy intake of caffeine ranges from two to four cups of coffee a day, or 200 to 300 milligrams.

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