Charity Challenge

Charities have been a part of society for many centuries now, helping those in need and less fortunate than you. Run by staff as well as volunteers, there are many ways that charities will raise money for their concern. When you think about charity, you may think about the church or a charity shop in your town; but charities these days are taking on more and more exciting challenges in order to raise money.

Both volunteers as well as members of the public take part in charity challenges throughout the year to keep a constant stream of funds coming in and you too can participate, or make a donation no matter how large or small. Favourite charity challenges will include sponsored walks, runs, or even huge feats such as walking the wall of China from end to end. What is most important with charity work is that no one is exempt, and anyone can help in any way they can. More elderly members may choose to walk instead of run, or simply help with the day to day running of the organization.

Getting involved with a charity is far more interesting than just volunteering in a shop or making an annual donation; in fact you can give your own input and ideas for forthcoming events. Annual fetes and fairs are an excellent place for charities to set up a stall, the fee most often being waived and all profits going directly to a great cause. From tombolas to charity galas and from a sponsored walk to a two day bike ride, there is something for everyone to get involved with.

For the more adventurous you may like to run a marathon in a costume, or even challenge yourself to walk up the CN tower stairs. People abseil for charity, others dance; and what they all have in common is that they have fun. Getting involved with a local cause will give you a sense of self achievement as well as making yourself and your family proud. Even if you just attend a charity event and buy a calendar, you are contributing to a great cause that needs more and more people like you.

Charity challenges can be as energetic as you make them, allowing you to work at your own pace. A favourite charity challenge that is popular all over the world these days is a zumbathon, dancing your way to raise funds for a well known cause. Charities may be small or large, local or International, but all of them need your help. Helping a charity doesn’t necessarily mean giving money; volunteering your time is as valuable as writing a cheque.

They say charity begins at home, so the next time you see a charity challenge advertised locally, sign up and spend time giving to those who desperately need your help and dedication. Whether you choose to dress up for a gala or sprint your way around the park, your contribution and donations will never go unnoticed and for the more daring, why not sign up for a two day bike ride or a mountain hike!

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