Want weight loss? Stop the excuses

We all have them:  “I have no time”, “I work too much”, “I can’t get up early”, “I don’t know what to do”, “my diet sucks” ….blah blah blah.  Well, a fitness colleague of mine is doing something really crazy with regard to banishing a lot of these excuses from our minds and our mouths.

 You’ve heard me speak of him before when he helped several thousand people lose weight as part of his free “Mid Year Resolutions” program last summer.  My friend Jeremy Nelms is at it again!  Read on to see what he’s going to do and how you can benefit from it………

Jeremy owns a personal training studio in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and he is moving into his studio for the next 60 days where he will sleep on an air mattress, work 12 hour days, sleep only 7 hours a night and prepare his meals from a very minimal make-shift kitchen there at his studio.  He’ll work out only 45 minutes per day, up to six days a week and he’ll log his weight loss progress over the 60 days.  He’s doing it to show us all that a lot of the reasons we give for not reaching our fitness goals are really just excuses.  
So, what’s in it for you?  Some free stuff, that’s what!  He’s going to give away a free 4-week fat loss workout program, AND a nutrition DVD just for visiting his blog!  He’ll also be logging his food and exercise every day, so if you return to  his blog often over the next 60 days, you can learn just what he’s doing (and eating) to lose weight successfully.
He moved into his studio last night and he just uploaded a video today (in his underwear, no less!) to kick off the program.  You’ve gotta see it to believe it!
Jeremy called me a couple of weeks ago to run this idea by me and ask me if I thought he was crazy. Well,  yeah, I think he’s kind of crazy, but it’s a it’s a GREAT idea!  Jeremy is just one of those cool guys who will go to GREAT lengths to get people motivated (even if he has to strip down to his undies to do it).  
So, head over to www.No.ExcusesFatLoss.com/blog and grab some great FREE workout and nutrition information for yourself.  
Now you’ve got TWO trainers on either end of the U.S. committed to your success!