Want weight loss? Sprint!

Rev your metabolism into overdrive with sprints and watch fat melt off your body!  It’s a much more effective way to lose weight than dieting or long, slow cardio workouts.  Plus, your workout is over more quickly!

Folks in my Los Gatos bootcamp, please do this workout Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  

Find your nearest friendly track and do the following:
First, warm up by walking for 3-5 minutes
1. Sprint (or walk as fast as you can) for 100 yards
2.  Recover around the curve of the track
3.  Sprint (or walk as fast as you can) for 100 yards
4.  Recover around the curve
 5. Do two sets of 12 dips on the bleachers
6. Repeat steps 1-4
7. Do 2 sets of 12 push ups on the bleachers (hands on a step, feet on the walk way)
8.  Repeat steps 1-4
9,  Do 2 sets of 15 body weight squats 
10. Cool down by walking one full lap around the track
This workout should take you less than 20 minutes, but if you really go “all out” on the sprints, you’ll incinerate a ton of calories, and boost your metabolism for awhile after the workout.
Although I think there’s nothing inherently bad about long cardio workouts, they are,  well….long.  When you’re short on time, interval sprints are ideal. If you’re looking to lose fat, interval sprints need to be part of your program.
Los Gatos boot camp folks—-let me know how your homework goes and leave me a comment here!!!  Maybe there will be a Prograde Craver in  your future!!
Committed to your success,