Timing Is Everything

There is more to taking your pills than simply remembering to take them. Here are the best times to pop your pills to get the most benefits out of them and to avoid serious drug interactions.Morning Meds:
Medications for thyroid and osteoporosis should be taken about a half an hour before breakfast and you should wait 2 hours before taking supplements, which make these drugs less effective. Acid reflux and heartburn medications should be taken before breakfast to click in and start working so that your symptoms are relieved through the day. Finished breakfast? It’s time to pop your daily multivitamin. The fat content in your meal will help the pill’s fat-soluble vitamins be absorbed. Multivitamins can also provide an energy boost, so take it now to kick start your day. Always take probiotics after eating. The food in your stomach will encourage these digestive helpers to work to their fullest potential. Taking your arthritis medicine before or after breakfast will give symptoms control through the day. Many arthritis prescriptions come with a second dose that can be taken after dinner to ensure that sufferers wake up to limited stiffness, and increased mobility.

Afternoon Meds:
Calcium and magnesium supplements should be taken at noon. Break up calcium intake into does of 500 mg or less, because that’s all your body can use at once. If your first dose is at lunch, you can take the next (if needed) at dinner. It’s good to take vitamin D at the same time, since it aids in absorption of the minerals.

Night time Meds:
Aspirin for heart health and statins should be taken at night. People with prehypertension who took aspirin at bedtime had lower blood pressure readings than those who took it in the morning. Because you produce most of your cholesterol at night, you should also take cholesterol-lowering simvastatin (i.e. Zocor) at bedtime. Allergy medication is best at night. Both allergy systems and the pollen count are highest first thing in the morning, so take your long-acting antihistamines at night to avoid waking up to a sneeze-fest.

Taking your pills at the right time of day can make a huge difference in how well they work. Consistency is also key. Take your medications at the same time every day, making it part of your daily routine. Be sure to read the labels and instructions when taking your medication and ALWAYS discuss with your doctor and pharmacist when taking multiple prescriptions and medications.

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