New Year, New You

The end of the year is once again upon us. After the alcohol and food fueled holiday season, it is finally time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. Almost everybody makes New Year’s Resolutions, but very few people actually stick to them.The main reason why they don’t stick to their resolutions is down to the fact that they don’t make the right ones. So now we are going to take a little look at exactly how to make the right resolutions for next year.

The first thing you are going to need to do is choose your resolutions. This is something that is much harder than many people think. For a start you need to choose something that is actually going to be exciting enough for you to achieve. After all, if you become bored throughout the year with your resolution then it simply will not be achievable i.e. if you absolutely loathe reading then don’t make it a goal to read one book a week! You will probably fail by February.

The best resolutions are going to be those that allow you to make positive changes to your life for a long time to come. This is perhaps why the main resolutions are to lose weight or even to stop smoking. These resolutions are much easier to stick to as you will be able to see positive changes in your life. Of course, you could also make resolutions that enable you to advance your career. They may not be as obvious as resolutions (for example going to more meetings at work) but they may actually pay off in the long run.

Of course, you want to be able to stick to your resolutions. Therefore you will need to ensure that you have the support you need in order to achieve the resolution. Remember, nobody has accomplished anything of value without the help from others. In an ideal world you would find a friend who has the same resolution as you who will be able to help you through the process. If not, just find somebody that understands what your resolutions are and also how to help you succeed.

Finally, you need to ensure that your resolutions are actually achievable over the next year or so. After all, what is the point in making New Year’s Resolutions if you can’t stick to them? When planning resolutions, break them down into much smaller tasks and see what you need to do in order to achieve your goal. This allows you to see whether what you want to achieve is actually realistic or not.

Hopefully this has given you an idea on how you can make the right resolutions for the year ahead. Make a list of everything that you want to achieve, and then pick a couple that follow the guidelines above. Of course, there is no limit on the amount of resolutions that you can have, but try to choose a manageable amount to make it easier on yourself.

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