Belly Fat Be Gone

If you are among the few who were blessed with phenomenal genes or have found the tricks of the trade for getting the much coveted flat abs, you are fortunate but certainly in the minority. Around the globe, people continue to battle belly fat and science shows that the stomach or abdominal region is among the most challenging areas to lost unwanted fat and keep it off. Fortunately there are some valuable exercises that can help you along, but more importantly, when it comes to getting rid of belly fat, the foods that you eat play a large role in the diameter of your abdominal area. With a few simple adjustments to your diet and the incorporation of some belly fat fighting foods, you will be much closer to your goal of shedding unwanted inches from this area.


Much of the fat within the stomach region comes from the sugars that we eat which causes our blood sugar level to increase drastically. When those levels spike, it sends signals to our bodies that we need to hang on to the sugar we have for survival and thus, all that sugar remains comfortably in your midsection.

One key ingredient that will deter those signals from reaching the brain is called mono-saturated fats. Avocados provide a rich source of these fats which will keep your blood sugar from spiking, allowing your body to digest and dispose of those sugars.


Bananas are healthy for a myriad of reasons, but as far as belly fat and bloating, their essential component is potassium, which helps dilute and regulate the salt we ingest that is found in many foods. Sodium, or salt, causes our bodies to retain much more water than is necessary and causes the stomach area to bloat and swell. By eating bananas which have as much as 400 or more grams of potassium, the sodium is regulated and thus produces less swelling.


Berries are fortified with vitamins and antioxidants which are essential in increasing the flow of blood throughout the body; it also allows oxygen to reach our core muscle groups, many of which are in the abdominal area. The more oxygen our muscles get, the easier it is to perform cardiovascular exercises and in turn, we burn more calories. The result is less bloating and fat being stored in the belly region.

Whole Grain Food

So much has been said about carbohydrates and they really have gotten a bad rap. However, whole grain foods which are in the carbohydrate family are miraculous at maintaining insulin levels and some new studies have shown that eating them in moderation may actually reduce the size and amount of fat cells within our bodies. Additionally, whole grains are a great source of protein and fiber, so these foods will keep you full longer, provide energy and you will be less prone to snacking on other fattening foods.


Particularly black beans that have protein, fiber and flavonoids are amazing at shrinking belly fat. The reasons for this are many; fiber will keep you full for longer periods of time and flavonoids help combat the fat that is stored in the belly.


This is one of the best fruits to incorporate into any diet plan because they have few calories but contain catechins and flavonols, as well as fiber. All three of these ingredients are key elements to keep fat storage from wrecking havoc on the midsection.


Cook up some potatoes and serve them chilled with a dash of vinegar for a delicious treat or light lunch. The starch in potatoes triggers the same hormones that encourages the fat we intake to be used as a fuel source. Therefore, the body will burn some of the fat instead of storing it in unwanted areas.


We have all heard the hype about green teas, but as it turns out any kind of tea will help the cells within the body to burn fat quicker and green tea specifically has been found to increase our metabolisms up to 40 percent more than those who don’t drink a few cups per day. Research shows that when tea is consumed our body’s cells absorb as much as 70-80 percent less fat.

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PH for Weight Loss

Human body pH is one of the keys to your survival and wellness. It is also a source of fat and terrible health. The intracellular fluids of the body must be maintained at a 7.365 pH level. Our physique is created to be alkaline by design, but acidic by function. The metabolic functions generate acid, but just like a battery, you want your pH balance to be alkaline simply because an alkaline natural environment provides the greatest level of electrochemical potential. And also just as a battery, our body systems work off of electrochemical potential.

Your body should have the right bio chemical balance – named its pH Level. pH is a scale that measures how acidic or alkaline an ingredient is. One aspect which hardly ever gets mentioned when talking about fat loss strategies is body acidity.

Additionally to serving as a source of ready energy, body fat is also used by the body to manage pH, the measure of how acidic or alkaline your body is. For ideal health and fitness, your body’s pH has to remain between about 6.0 and 7.5, and even minimal shifts in pH may make oxygen delivery to the body’s cells more complicated.

The pH of your blood also has an essential role in controlling insulin, which is a key element to keeping a healthy weight; an insulin imbalance can trigger the onset of diabetes. Furthermore, healthy thyroid function is strongly connected to pH levels, since pH is crucial to maintaining ideal levels of iodine in the entire body, without which the thyroid cannot function.

With the ingestion of fаst foods and junk food that many eat in ouг fast, stressful lifestyle, people take in high calories and toxins in the foгm οf MSG, artifіcial chemical preservatives, flavoгings and colorings. We аlso overwhelmed ouг bοdies with toxic compounds froм skіn caгe products, suntan lotions, environmental pollutants and otһer substances. Tһerefore the body must continuallү flush those toxins out of the systөm tο keep tһe рH levels noгmal through the kidneys, the colon, the sweat glands аnd thө lymрh system.

If there іs а ѕtage where more toxinѕ acсumulate thаn tһe body can manage then it will stοre thіs exсess іn fat cells as a buffeгing system to protect the most important body organs.
One of the easiest wayѕ to lose fat really faѕt with fat lοss can be tο address the balance of youг body’s pH levels to rіd your body tissues οf the excess build υp οf toxins. To cһeck the pH of yoυr saliva οr urine get а set from youг loсal drugstore. Any гesult beneath 6.0 would indicate high acidity which iѕ cοmmon and any reѕult greater than 7.5 would point out high alkalinity that is uncommon.

A pH well balanced diet plan is an alternative diet that can help people lose fat or even keep their body in control during fat build-up. It is known too as an alkaline dieting system that helps you stay far away from bad digestive function. It also prevents you from low energy, cracks, aches and giving in to certain food urges.

The pH diet system allows you to handle the flow of energy level and also inspires the individual to get in to much more physical activities. The diet will certainly make you feel extremely energised early in the morning hours.

The most fundamental rule in this diet is cutting out as many of the acid forming foods. You ought to aim for a diet that includes about 80% alkalne and 20% acid-forming foods – vegetables, for instance, are all alkalizing. Furthermore, drinking lots of pure water can help flush toxins out of your system faster, preventing excess build-up.

When your body is slightly alkaline (around 7.35) you will be filled with energy, you will have a bullet proof immune system where viruses, bacteria & disease are not able to grow. You will quickly let go of body fat and your skin, bones & cells will regenerate always keeping you youthful. If you want to make sure you remain in the alkaline pH then you must eat more alkaline foods. As pointed out abοve this iѕ rarely discussed about but you will be impressed by the fat lοss benefits achieved juѕt by balancing your рH levels tο be more alkalіne.

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