15-minute fat blasting workout

Okay campers, I’ve got another video for you. I recently had the pleasure of doing a “Lunch and Learn” presentation at Avalon Bay Communities, a local corporation.  The theme of my talk was “15 minute fat blasting workouts”.

So many of us are crazy busy these days, yet we hold on to the concept that the only “real” workout is an hour long run, or 1 hour of weights at the gym.  I beg to differ. When time gets short, our workouts need to change. My suggestion:  Increase the intensity, and shorten the time frame.

I asked the participants at my presentation to brainstorm a list of exercises that we could do with little to no equipment. Our list included squats, lunges, jumping jacks, push ups, dips, and a number of other body weight strength or calisthenic-type exercises.  From there we randomly picked 4 exercises and a work/rest interval plan.  Viola.  We’ve got a high intensity workout!

In the video below I demonstrate each exercise we chose, and I include beginner and advanced modifications on some of the exercises.  I also include suggestions for beginner and advanced exercises with regard to how many rounds of the circuit you should do (beginners:  you’ll be done in LESS than 15 minutes!).

Once again, my workout companion, Noah the wonder dog, manages to squeeze in another cameo appearance.  At one point in the video, he does his impression of a cow grazing in a pasture for you.

Give this quick, high intensity workout a try this weekend!

Committed to your success,


Fat Loss Workouts for San Jose/Campbell Boot Camps

Okay campers, I’ve had more than one person say “what are we supposed to do on our week off from boot camp??””.   Not to worry!  I’ve got you covered.

I’ve got a week’s worth of fat loss workouts planned for you!  As usual these workouts will work for any fitness level. Increase the intensity and impact if you’re a seasoned exerciser, back off on impact and intensity if you’re a newbie. Most of you have been with lifeSport Fitness long enough to know how to modify push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, planks or anything else Jackie or I throw your way.  If you’re not sure about how to execute a particular exercise, just email me at:  bootcamp(at)lifesportfitness.net

As with every workout, please make sure to warm up for 5 minutes before starting any of these workouts.

Here are 4 workouts for you to do over our week long break

Workout #1:

Cardio intervals

You choose the cardio activity.  You can walk, run, bike, swim, or use a cardio machine at your gym.

Work out HARD (like breathless hard, folks!) for 30 seconds

Recover for 90 seconds

Repeat for 6-10 rounds, depending on your fitness level

Workout #2

Body weight strength workout

Perform  1 set of 20 repetitions of each exercise.  Rest for 15 sec after each set.  Repeat the sequence three times.  For added variety, change your hand placement on the push ups each time (example:  narrow hands, staggered hands).

Push ups

Walking lunges* (20 out, 20 back)



*(feel free to add dumbbells to these exercises if you have them)

Workout #3

Do the ” Fat Loss Weekend Workout” I posted for you last month

Workout #4

Steady State Cardio Workout (you don’t hear me promote these too much!!)

Pick your cardio exercise of choice. Do it at a steady, but challenging pace, for 30-40 minutes.  This is not a “walk your dog” or “chat with your buddy while you walk” type of workout.  Break a sweat.  Get a little breathless.  Yes, it’s  a “steady state” (e.g., all at the same pace) workout, but don’t make it a wimpy workout :-).

Campers who leave a comment before the end of the week that they have completed TWO of these workouts (tell us what workouts you did) get a couple of Prograde Cravers at camp next month!

Have a great week, campers!

Committed to your success,