Leave a Legacy

I’m sure anyone would like to leave a legacy. After all, who wouldn’t like to be remembered or revered? Leaving a legacy is to live a life for people to respect, look back on, applaud and approve of. Do you feel you have a sense or purpose on this world? Majority of people don’t, and that’s fine, but it’s the people of the world who feel they do have a purpose and execute it that are remembered. Although you won’t live forever, rest assured your legacy will. You don’t have to rule a mass empire like Julius Caesar or lead a country to independence without violence such as what Mahatmas Gandhi achieved in India, however. Leaving a legacy can come much closer to home.

Think of your children, it’s important for parents to set an example. You can leave a legacy of respect. Teaching them to respect their elders, treat others like they would like to be treated and to be overall good people is a great way to leave a legacy.

Another way to leave a legacy for others, is to be an optimist. Being optimistic around others inspires people to work harder, to make the impossible seem possible. If you perform to the best of your ability every day, your peers and everyone else around you are more likely to also. One of the greatest legacies is your life, and you only get one shot, so don’t waste it.

Offering encouragement is also a great way to be remembered. Think of a time you have been in a tough situation and someone has helped you through it, sticks in your memory, right? Lifting people up with encouragement will leave a lasting positive legacy, however putting someone down, can have the same affect, but in a negative light. Someone can look back ten years and remember the discouragement you offered, just as easy as they can if you offered encouragement. Which of the two would you like to be remembered for?

The final way to leave a legacy is through love. My friend’s partner sadly passed away unexpectedly. In their last few days together, they had a massive argument, but this isn’t what he dwells on. What he does remember however is that she was always there for him, in times of need and he knew she always had an undying love for me. Sure she wasn’t perfect, no one is, but she did leave her legacy of love upon my friend, which he will always be grateful for.

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